The process of fitting an Integrated Dishwasher

The process of fitting an Integrated Dishwasher
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People prefer to buy an integrated dishwasher only when the cabinets are settled in place in the kitchen because then the installation will also be done once and for all. It requires a considerable amount of money to install a dishwasher and therefore people want an installation to work for years. Many people want to remodel their old kitchen by adjusting an integrated dishwasher to give it a fresh treatment.

Decide the space for a dishwasher in your kitchen

To place the integrated dishwasher in the correct position in your kitchen, you should first analyse how much free space you have in your kitchen.

space for a dishwasher

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A part of your cabinetry will be cut off to adjust the dishwasher, so you will have to arrange an extra cabinet box to storage those things. Once you decide which box you want to remove, cut the bottom of that box with a saw and start installing your integrated dishwasher. If you have a portable model, then it can be fitted within the box. It will not take any extra space when you are installing an integrated dishwasher, and this is a plus point.

Here is a guide to fitting an Integrated Dishwasher with minimum effort-

Start with cutting the electrical line

Switch off the breaker that will connect the dishwasher wire, further take an electrical tester to double check the presence of electricity in the cable goes under the kitchen sink. If it indicates electricity, then turn off the main breaker to the house.

Start with cutting the electrical line

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Now turn off the main water supply to the house, then empty the kitchen faucet to release any deposited water in the system. Get a wrench and take out the hot water supply line to the faucet.

Adjusting the top of the integrated dishwasher

Always find a dishwasher that is of equal height to your kitchen countertop. At the same time, the dishwasher has some adjustable legs. If you choose an equal height dishwasher, then your efforts will be less as you will have to cut out the bottom base of the cabinet.

Plumbing requirements

To adjust a drain and supply line for water to the dishwasher, use a drill machine to cut a hole along the side of the nearest cabinet box. Use copper pipes instead of flex pipes as they are durable. Now attach the drainpipes to the water trap under the sink. On completion of this, connect the supply lines to the cold or hot water lines as per the manufacturer’s guide.

Wiring details

A small dishwasher can be adjusted with an optional plug. But for a traditional one, you need to install a circuit breaker. This requires you to get a new cable and run it from the main circuit breaker of your home to the location of your dishwasher. For this purpose, you need to fix a hole behind the cabinet box to adjust the wires accordingly. Adjust the wires as per their colour and size, for example, it should be black for black and white to white. Check the instructions given on the integrated dishwasher while you run the plumbing and wiring to the safe area. Now put the hooks on to the custom panel and attach it to the front of the integrated dishwasher. This panel you will need to buy separately, and it will match the wood finish of your cabinetry.

Wiring details

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Tighten the panel after you fit them correctly. Now you check the aesthetic door if it is moving properly. These doors often come in different heights and, so you need to adjust them. To do this, you can simply turn the adjustment screw located near the side of the door. After this, adjust the door hose by following the installation instructions. Mostly it is fastened on the assembly.

Connect the wire to the electrical box on the dishwasher and adjust the green, white and black wires together. Now by using screws, attach the integrated dishwasher to the underside of your countertop. Further check the movement of the dishwasher door once again to ensure better function.

A few common tools you will need in this process of installing the integrated dishwasher, for example, the screwdriver, aesthetic panel, plumbing tools, wire cutters, drain tee and air gap, etc.


Mechanically there is not much difference between an integrated and a built-in dishwasher. However, from an aesthetical point of view, the difference is there. An integrated dishwasher will be fitted into one of the cabinets, so it will look like a part of your cabinetry, reflecting a very organized look. The installation of an integrated system is same as a built-in dishwasher when it comes to plumbing and electrical things that needed to be done. It will take about an hour to install the integrated dishwasher with a few common tools.

Always cutting off the main electrical circuit for safety reason before fitting an Integrated Dishwasher.

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