The concept of integrated washing machines and how to install them

What are integrated washing machines and how to install them
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An Integrated Washing Machine is a complex system, it is installed behind the cupboard door to give an organized look. they are available in great varieties and styles, and people prefer them depending on their individual choice. The structure of an integrated system is different from its counterpart, the freestanding one. However, as per the opinion of service engineers, installing them is a hassle. The actual installation process is a complicated one. Here is a whole idea of what are integrated washing machines and how to install them.

The concept of an integrated washing machine

A general idea about the integrated washing machine is that a cupboard door is fitted to the front of the machine. Often, it is installed in the kitchen and not in other places as the kitchen units provide the stability of the machine. This type of washing machine is not stable by nature and, so it is not recommended to install them in other places at your home. The bottom of the machine is adjusted behind a kitchen plinth panel. So only the front part is revealed in this integrated structure.

The concept of an integrated washing machine
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The installation of an integrated washing machine is not easy for homeowners, however, for professionals, it is a routine task and does not look difficult at all.  An Integrated washing machine is specially designed with a lower spin speed in order to avoid any damage to the front door and there is fear of transferring the vibration into the attached kitchen units. It possesses a plain metal lid with the adjustable height of the kitchen slab. An Integrated washing machine is expensive because it has to facilitate many things with the purpose of adjusting itself to the kitchen unit.

Depending on the complex nature of cabinet design, often they are produced in low volumes and all other requisite qualities to be integrated well into the cabinet and this is the reason they are expensive compared to the freestanding ones even though they come with the same features and specifications.

Extreme care is needed while installing an integrated washing machine. Some amount of drilling is also involved in the process. Through drilling, the kitchen door needs to be adjusted in the same places otherwise it will not come in the same level.

Difficulties involved in the process

The only problem involved in installing this type of washing machine is that sometimes when it is not properly installed and need to be taken out. Sometimes the problem arises because the kitchen fitters take the process of installation in their hands and when the machine needs to be moved out because of any defect, the professionals you will call refuse to take them out. Instead, they will tell you to give a call back when it is removed from the house. The whole cabinetry set up will be messed when the integrated washing machine needs to be taken out for some reason. It is a headache for the service engineers who always charge high because of these intricacies and the time taken to repair them.

Semi-Integrated Washing Machine structure

When it comes to Semi-Integrated Washing Machine, it is also placed inside the cupboard fitting, but you can see the control panel. The other things remain same with as a fully integrated washing machine. The use of the semi-integrated machine is not as popular as a fully integrated one even though there is the advantage of price.

Built-In Washing Machine structure

A Built-In Washing Machine is a built-in structure with the kitchen cabinet but there is the absence of a cupboard door.

Built-In Washing Machine structure
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This is the main difference you can see between a fully integrated and a built-in one.The advantage is that it is comparatively cheaper than the fully or semi-integrated washing machine. Moreover, they are not difficult to repair. As usual, they are not advisable to install outside of the kitchen unit.

Freestanding Washing Machine structure

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The Freestanding Washing Machine is more stable compared to the fully integrated washing machine, as the bottom is not attached to allow the base to be fitted in front. The control panel comes in equal height with that of the cabinet structure.

Freestanding Washing Machine structure
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However, you cannot make it a fully integrated one by doing some alterations in the model as this will invalidate the warranty and could cause some damage to the washing machine. The cabinet design is quite different from that of an integrated one.

You might have acquired some knowledge about what are integrated washing machines and how to install them after reading this. If you are planning to install any of these types you should contact us Mr right services for better professional installation.

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