7 Kitchen Appliances for Winter that Everyone Needs

kitchen appliances for winter

In the winter months, there are certain kitchen appliances that will make your life easier. Winter brings the desire for rich and steaming soups, loaves of bread, and hearty stews. Most modern cooks do not have the time that their grandmothers had to simmer stews and soups for hours, but with the right gadgets in your kitchen arsenal, you can create the slow-simmered taste in less time with less cleanup. Let’s talk about some of the important kitchen appliances.

1. An Instant Pot

The instant pot is the answer to every working person’s need in the kitchen. With an instant pot you can take items straight out of the freezer and within thirty minutes turn them into delectable dishes that your family will enjoy.

The instant pot is a pressure cooker that makes the toughest of meat cuts cooked to tender perfection. It also allows the hurried cook who has little time for preparing meals to create succulent dishes their family will love.

The instant pot saves you money because it allows you to coon at home and eat out less often. It allows you to provide nutritional meals instead of high carbohydrate fast foods.

2. An Air Fryer

The second appliance that every home needs in the winter months is an air fryer. The air fryer is going to make cooking faster and make the things you cook healthier.

In the winter months, you are often trapped indoors watching movies or playing games because the outside weather is too bad to allow you to get out of the house. When you are trapped indoors you tend to snack more and that means you put on that winter weight gain.

An air fryer lets you fry your own homemade potato chips and snacks with less oil and fewer calories. You can create snacks that are healthier and still tasty. While you are creating your snacks you can also kill a little time and break up the boredom that causes you to snack in the first place.

3. A Slow Cooker

A slow cooker lets you leave wonderful stews, soups and dishes cooking at home while you are gone to work. When you come home you can have a pot of slow cooked stew or soup that will satisfy those winter cravings and make you feel like you are back at grandmother’s house eating her slow simmered items.

The slow cooker is capable of bringing out the flavor of the food and allows you to use less expensive cuts of meat to create fabulous meals with. You can also slow cook dried beans and other foods that will warm you from the inside out when the weather is cold and gloomy.

modular kitchen with appliances

4. A Bread Machine

Counting carbohydrates is all the rage right now, but when the snow starts to fall there is nothing more satisfying than a loaf of homemade bread and a pot of hearty stew. The smell of bread baking can make the coldest of days seem warmer.

A bread machine takes the work out of kneading and proofing bread. The machine does all the work and you get all of the compliments from your family.

The best French toast is made from homemade sourdough bread that has started to get stale. You can cut the slices thick and create a one-of-a-kind French toast dish that you cannot create with store bought breads.

5. An Electric Kettle

When the weather outside is frightful there is nothing more delightful than hot tea, or any of the other hot beverages that call for a little hot water added to a mix or powder. To make sure that you have plenty of hot water ready to satisfy the needs of your family an electric kettle is a thing you need.

You can make a greater amount of hot water and keep the water hot while you drink your first cup of tea. With a traditional kettle, the water would evaporate and you would have to wait for another kettle of water to heat before you could have a second cup.

6. An Indoor Grill

You can stew only so many things before you begin to crave the taste of grilled meats and vegetables. When the temperature outside drops below freezing the last thing you want to do is stand around a grill waiting for the fire to get right and the meat to cook.

An electric counter-top grill is an indoor alternative to the outdoor cooking experience. You can enjoy grilled burgers, steaks, and chops and never have to leave the warmth or comfort of your home. 

The only problem is that the grills are advertised as being completely smokeless and that is not the actual truth. They do emit some smoke as the meats are cooking because of the fat dripping off of the meat and onto the hot coils of the grill.

However, they do not create so much smoke that you have to open doors to air out the house. They do create that wonderful grilled aroma that we love in the spring and summer.

7. Indoor Turkey Fryers

With the winter months comes the holidays and the ideas of fried turkeys. If you want to make sure that you can cook your turkey no matter how cold it is outside then consider getting a turkey pot that is made to be used indoors.

You can have that crispy beautiful bird without standing in the frigid temperatures. Many of the indoor turkey fryers are even designed to use less oil so you can serve a healthier option to the traditional fried bird.

Be sure that you are getting a fryer rated for indoor use. You will also need to purchase a turkey of the appropriate size for the fryer you have purchased.

Final Thoughts

The winter is the time of year when the most cooking, baking and indoor activities occur. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and having these handy appliances in your kitchen will guarantee that you can have the foods, fun and time with your family that you want.

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