How to fix a gas barbecue that won’t light?

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Arriving summers also imply the beginning of the barbecuing season. In any case, as you dust off your gas grill for the primary spring barbecue, you may find that you neglected to clear it out before winter, and the grills are currently muddled and brimming with dirt. Or then again more terrible: The burner will not light and you have visitors coming over for a grill. Does this mean it’s the time to race to the store for another barbecue or just put in a call to the repairman? We can help you to find out how to fix a gas barbecue at home on your own-

Make Sure the gas hose isn’t clogged

Gas barbecue gas burner and hose

Inspect the main gas hose dutifully before diagnosing the ignition unit. The hose is jammed with grease often. This largely occurs when the gas barbecue is not cleaned properly before keeping it back. You must replace the clogged or leaking gas hose instantly.

How to fix gas barbecue with self-ignition?

A few gas barbecues have press button (piezo-electric) igniters and others are battery-fueled. On the off chance that you have the battery type, take a stab and check the batteries. You must replace the expired batteries-

  1. Open the top hood of your barbecue.
  2. However, the location of the batteries varies in every model, still, you have to look for it in the lower dimension of the unit.
  3. Give a dry check for the ignition.
  4. If you didn’t hear a clicking sound, Check the wired connections.
  5. If the wires are not disconnected or damaged, replace the batteries.
Gas babrecue igniter and battery

Top Rated ignition batteries for gas barbecue-

Decide whether you are creating a flash in the igniter unit. The igniter will be close to one (or a few) of the burner(s). A few barbecues have an autonomous start, some have a solitary igniter that lights every one of the burners.

In the event that you have an independent ignition and none of the burners will light, you have a broken switch or the wiring is awful. You may need to get these parts replaced.

Gas grill igniter

In the event that you have a solitary igniter and it won’t light, you presumably have something obstructing that igniter. Pull off the cooking meshes and boundary to get to the burners. Find the affected igniter and press the switch. You should see a little start and hear a solitary snap for piezo-electric or a flood of snaps for electric start. On the off chance that the igniter is obstructed, cautiously clean it and test it once more. If it still seems dead, get the igniter replaced

On the off chance that there isn’t anything obstructing the igniter, you need to assess the wiring.As a result, flawed wiring or switches should be supplanted.

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