7 Common problems with washing machine

common washing machine problems

Washing machines come in widely varying designs, but there are some frequently and not frequently occurring problems that are common amongst all of them. Below are some such problems that we’ve tried to address, let’s have a look at each problem one by one.

1. Washing machine not starting

washing machine pcb

There are many problems that may cause a washing machine to not start. So, start with checking the main power switch for loose connections, power socket not working, if the fuse is okay etc. If this doesn’t help, check the door lock is working fine if you have a front load washing machine. In some cases, the main power switch or the control module (PCB) of the washing machine stops working. If don’t have prior experience in working with live wires and high voltages, call a repair professional to examine the washing machine.

2. Washing machine is noisy

washing machine with dirty tub

Objects trapped in between the outer tub and drum can also be the cause of noise, things like coins and debris are extremely common to be retrieved from around the heater between the drum and they can cause damage to the machine and any clothing in it. Make sure you clear out all the pockets of cloths before putting them in the machine.

With time the bearings of the washing machine also starts to degrade and become faulty causing loud noise while rotating. Operating a washing machine with faulty bearing can cause fatal damage. This can be rectified by either lubricating the bearing with grease (or oil) or by replacing them.

3. Excessive vibrations during operation

washing machine stand to maintain balance

The most common reason for this is an unbalanced tub or the whole washing machine. Make sure the washing machine is placed on a completely horizontal surface. If not, get a stand/trolley with adjustable screws beneath. In some cases, the tub gets unbalanced due to wear and tear of the suspension system. Make sure you don’t overload the machine with cloths to prevent degradation of the suspension mechanism.

4. Washing machine making noise when draining or not draining at all

In this case, the drain pump is faulty or blocked. Blockage in the pump can happen due to accumulation of cloth fibers and dirt. Simply cleaning up the pump and the connected hose will solve the problem. It is recommended to hire a repair professional for this task as it will require dismantling the pump assembly.

5. Washing machine over-filling or under-filling

washing machine pressure switch problem

Most likely the pressure switch is not operating as intended, this can have a number of causes, either the switch is faulty, there is a hole in the pressure pipe or it has come off or the most common reason is the pressure chamber is blocked. To check the switch you have to blow into it and listen for one or more clicks if you hear them it’s fine, a close inspection of the hose should tell if it is OK or not, whereas the chamber has to be removed and washed out to clear it. If you have attached a filter in the water intake pipe, make sure the filter mesh is clean.

6. Washing machine not spinning

drainage pump problem

The spinning mechanism and drainage system are both connected. So if the drainage doesn’t work then the machine will not spin. The pump filter may be blocked or the hose from the drum going to the pump may be blocked. The motor’s carbon brushes may be warn-out, if the motor does not have brushes then there is a chance that the motor capacitor has failed. There can also be a case where belt from the motor to the drum may be snapped or has come off.

7. Water leaking from soap drawer

washing maachine drawer

There are many possible reasons for this problem. Water pressure is too strong, build-up of undissolved detergent, blocked drain pipe, over-filling, too many suds and surge in power supply (surge can cause the motor to spin out of control). Rectifying this problem is fairly simple takes few minutes, but requires the know-how of a washing machine technician.

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    Great post! I found your insights on common washing machine issues incredibly helpful. From my experience washing machine is problem noisy due to faulty in bearings and while operating my washing machine it is not working properly and noisy this is issue is identified after reading your blog and I have replaced by new bearings from appliancepartszone and washing machine working good finally thank you for sharing such a helpful blog.

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