Reasons that can cause fuzzy security camera feed

fuzzy cctv feed
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Got fuzzy security camera feed on your monitor? Well there are a lot of reasons that can cause this and other issues related to unclear pictures or videos. CCTV cameras provide the benefit of monitoring activity outside homes and offices and if the image or video quality is not good, then the whole idea of having them installed in the first place becomes pointless. It is important to find the cause of the problem and then try and solve it to get clear and crisp feed. The following are some reasons that can cause fuzzy security camera feed along with their possible solutions:

1. The camera lens is dirty

REASON: One of the most common reasons that can cause fuzzy security camera feed is a dirty lens. Often, spider webs, dust and dirt tends to clog the view of the camera and this may result in unclear images and videos.

SOLUTION: You must check the camera’s lens for these and clean it on a regular basis.  Make sure you use a clean and soft cloth to do so to avoid scratching the surface.  Avoid any kind of harsh cleaners on the lens. Check if the feed has become crisp. If not, then the problem may be caused due to other reasons discussed below.

dirty lens

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2. The extension cable run may be too long

REASON: If the security camera feed is fuzzy and not clear then another reason behind this could be an extra long extension cable run. Long extension cables make it difficult for the signal to pass properly sometimes.

SOLUTION:  For this you need to check the security camera’s manual or specifications to ensure that the extension cable run is in proper range. In case you are using a wireless CCTV security camera, then make sure that the camera is within the range of the router to get proper signal and hence clear feed.

cctv extension cable must not be too long

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3. A varifocal zoom is unable to focus automatically

CAUSE: Another thing you must check for in case you are getting a fuzzy feed from your security camera is the varifocal zoom. A varifocial security camera is one which can zoom in and out easily.

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SOLUTION: If you have a varifocal security camera then you may need to adjust the zoom and focus settings. Each camera is different when it comes to adjusting the zoom but most adjustable lens cameras are adjusted manually. To adjust the zoom, you should take off the outer case to reveal two knobs. Toggle to bring up the OSD menu, toggle up or down to bring the zoom in and zoom out options, toggle left or right to adjust the focus. By doing so, you will be able to achieve a desired picture quality. You must make these adjustments every now and then to get good quality feed constantly.  If the camera is not focusing properly, then the feed provided to you will be indistinct.

varifocal cctv zoom lens

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4. Damaged lens

REASON: Another common reason for fuzzy or blurry security feed quality is damaged lens. The lens could get damaged due to many reasons including dropping, mishandling during installation, damaged delivery etc.

SOLUTION: The only way you can solve this problem is by either getting the lens replaced or by trying to buff it using a microfiber cloth. For this, take a microfiber cloth and give it a gentle rub on the security camera lens. Check results.

damaged CCTV lens

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These were the top 4 reasons that can cause fuzzy security camera feed. Now that you know them, you can try solving the issue on your own. This is a small CCTV camera related problem with a quick solution. But if you are unable to get the right feed even now, then there could be another underlying problem which may need professional checking. If you are looking for an expert who can help you with CCTV camera repair and services, then you need to look nowhere else as Mr Right brings you the best professional support in town.

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