Must have accessories that complement CCTV security systems

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If you are planning on buying a CCTV security system or already have one bought, then you must know that there are a few more accessories you would need to buy in order to install and use the device. These accessories complete the surveillance cameras and you may probably won’t be able to do without them at all. If you buy yourself a CCTV camera, then in most cases, you will have to get these accessories too. For your reference and help we have brought you a list of the must have accessories that complement CCTV security systems.

1. CCTV cable and wire

Having the camera is not enough, you will also need to buy the right CCTV cables and wires in order to connect and install cameras to CCTV digital video recorder. Some varieties of wires and cables that you may need include:

  • Siamese cable
  • network cable
  • CAT 5e or CAT 6 network cables etc
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2. CCTV connectors

One of the must have accessories that complement CCTV security system is CCTV connectors.  This device is basically used to terminate the cables in CCTV surveillance camera installation.  BNC connector is a good example and it is available in many styles including 3 piece crimp, twist on and 2 pieces.

bnc connector

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3. CCTV ground loop isolators

CCTV ground loop isolators are useful CCTV accessories which help to reduce the ground loop interference with video signals. Video ground loop isolators are passive devices which reduce ground loop interference with CCTV signals. These can easily be installed in existing systems as well. They prove useful in case where the signal is transmitted through cable between ends which have a difference in ground potentials.

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4. Camera housings

You will also need to buy camera housings to install CCTV surveillance cameras.  They can be used for both internal as well as external camera installations. However it is a fact that to protect cameras from elements, housings are mostly used in external cameras. These accessories help make non weatherproof CCTV cameras weatherproof in nature and are hence pretty important.

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5. Mounting brackets

In order to mount the CCTV surveillance cameras on walls and ceilings, you will also need mounting brackets.  They are used for a variety of products like cameras, monitors and housings. For any kind of security camera, these accessories are super important.

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6. Surge protectors

Another type of must have accessories that complement CCTV security systems include surge protectors. These are those devices which protect the surveillance camera and other accessories in case of electrical surges and fluctuations.  What happens is that the surges that get produced are carried over through any metallic conductors such as electrical wires etc.  So make sure your surge protectors are properly installed.

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7. CCTV battery packs or power supplies

CCTV battery packs or power supplies are used during the installation process and are used for mobile cameras and hardwiring etc. These supplies help to convert a 12VDC camera to a 24VAC power supply as well.

cctv battery pack

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Now that you know the must have accessories that complement CCTV security systems, you too must get all of them to complete the installation process. These devices or accessories are available easily but if you need help in their installation, you can reach out to Mr Right services for CCTV camera installation.

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