CCTV camera not switching to night mode – Top solutions

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Night vision CCTV cameras have become really popular these days. These cameras do not have the ability to see in the dark like most of us might think but basically use small light emitting diodes which project light on the subject.   These cameras illuminate the subject and then capture the highlighted subjects to produce crisp images and videos. But in some cases, the CCTV camera may not get switched to the night vision mode. This means that even on being switched on, they may not be able to capture night photos and videos properly. If so is the case with your CCTV camera, then the following given solutions for CCTV camera not switching to night mode would prove useful.

1. Check the power supply

The first thing that you need to do is to check the power supply. If your camera is using a 9V battery supply then you must replace it. 9 V batteries don’t work for a long period and may provide only a few hours of wireless usage. So the problem may be due to a fully consumed battery. Also check if the plug is properly inserted and not detached.  Attach the plug properly and then try the night vision CCTV camera once again.

cctv power supply


2. Check for interferences

Another thing that you may need to do is to check for interferences. This is especially important in the case where there are lines or noises on the screen. You can also make use of elimination to check if the wireless networks are interfering.  Turn all kinds of wireless devices off such as cordless phones etc to see if the issue is resolved. If your camera has the capability then try changing the channel to check the results.

turn off wireless devices

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3. Ensure you have a weather proof camera

If you are using your CCTV camera for  outdoor recording purposes, then make sure it is weather proof in nature.  It should be either marked as weather proof or must have heavier seals which you would be able to observe.  If your camera is not weatherproof, then it is a good idea to replace it and get a marked one.  But if you are not willing to replace it, then you must try to protect it from rain as much as possible.  The water droplets can cause spotting which may not let the camera switch to night mode.  If the picture degrades, you must wipe it and clean it from time to time.

weatherproof CCTV camera

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4. The camera must not point directly to a light source

In some cases if the camera is directly point towards a light source, then you may observe the problem of CCTV camera not switching to night mode.  If the light source faces the camera, then it can get the camera’s sensors confused. If this is the case, try to shift the angle of the camera or light source away.

5. Check the installation and wiring

Another thing you can do to make sure that your CCTV camera works on night mode is to check the installation as well as all the wiring. Sometimes, the problem could be due to incomplete wiring or a break in the wiring. If you are unsure of the installation of the camera, you can contact a professional for the same.

CCTV camera night vision wiring

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Now that you know the various reasons and solutions for the problem of CCTV camera not switching to night mode, you can solve the issue on your own. But for complex problems which you may not be able to resolve on your own, you can contact Mr Right services for CCTV repair services.

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    My cameras cctv works only at day time at night it showes black but cameras shows red led all round the lens please help

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