CCTV camera feed went black? Troubleshoot your CCTV for no picture

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Owning a CCTV camera can be really satisfying since it helps us keep our homes and workplaces secure. But one problem which a lot of users of these devices face is no picture in the camera feed. Well this issue could be a result of several big or small causes which you must try to resolve fast.  Without a proper and clear feed on your monitor, the purpose of CCTV cameras almost becomes pointless. It is important to first understand the possible reasons and then devise a plan to solve the issue. If your CCTV camera feed went black, then you can troubleshoot your CCTV for no picture by following some of the tips and suggestions given below.

1. Check for power supply disruption

CAUSE: One of the most common causes for no picture on the CCTV monitor is power supply disruption.   If you have a loose power connection or a multi-power splitter, then you could be facing a power drop which results in weak function and stability of data transmission.  Moreover in case of power spikes, your power supply cord could face damage due to which you may not be receiving picture on the cameras.

SOLUTION: The best solution for this problem is to check whether your power adaptor is able to meet the needs of your surveillance camera as an insufficient adaptor may not be able to power a higher volt camera properly.

You can use these Multipurpose Multimeters available online to check power supply:-

  1. AstroAI Digital Multimeter with Ohm Volt Amp
  2. KAIWEETS Digital Clamp Meter T-RMS 6000 Counts

  3. Klein Tools 69149 Multimeter Test Kit

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2. Radio signal or internet connection loss

CAUSE: Another reason for no CCTV camera feed could be a loss of internet connection or radio signal.  The  PoE switch or injector may be cut or loose and this could be resulting in transmission disruption and video loss. PoE switch is basically Power over Ethernet switch or network switch that has power over Ethernet built in. Also, BNC connector may be causing signal loss due to which you may not be receiving video on your monitor.  In some cases, Wifi signal drop may also be the reason behind the issue.

SOLUTION: In this case, make sure your Wifi connection is working properly and if not, contact the service provider for troubleshooting. Also, you must reconnect the BNC connector and unplug the PoE injector to solve the issue.

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3. Firmware problems

CAUSE: CCTV camera feed went black or no picture could also be due to firmware problems. If your firmware is not updated, then the device may show certain problems including no feed.

SOLUTION: It is advisable to update firmware as this can help solve the problem.  Before updating, make sure you read all that there is about the update. Most CCTV manufacturers provide firmware updates online to make things easier for you.

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4. Hardware problems

CAUSE: Hardware problems could also be causing CCTV camera video loss or no picture. If you have checked all the possible causes for video loss and none of them help, then the only explanation is that your surveillance or CCTV camera may not be in proper shape and there could be a problem related to the hardware.

SOLUTION: Consult technical support or a local technician to help you with this.

If you are planning to buy new  CCTV Cameras we have some suggestions:-

  1. AVUE AV50HTG-2812 1080P HD TVI Turret Dome Camera 
  2. Swann Home Security Dome Camera Weatherproof with Heat/Motion Sensor/Night Vision 
  3. Reolink Wired Outdoor Cameras, 5MP 16-Channel NVR with 3TB HDD for Home and Business 
  4. ICAMI Dome IP Camera Wireless Home Surveuillance System Audio with Motion Detect 
  5. INQMEGA PTZ Camera Outdoor Surveillance Camera with Two Way Audio 
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CCTV cameras need to be maintained like any other appliance or device on a regular basis. Sometimes, you need to get them serviced or checked to ensure everything is working properly. If you too are experiencing video loss or no feed, you can contact Mr Right for CCTV related issues.

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    All 4screens say video los just had new hard drive fitted and working in work shop plug back in at home semes like no power to cameras

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    Hi, what do you think of my situation. All 4 cameras stopped working together at once the other night, I checked the power supply to the cameras there is over 12v showing on my digital meter and I checked each one of the 4 and the power is dropping to zero from around 3v and back again after couple of seconds, continuously. Can you please help me out?
    Many thanks, kind regards Kam

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    Hi, due to wrong wiring through 12 v dc connector, my cctv camera power supply was damaged, how to correct power supply, or any other alternates for power supply

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    This is very helpful information for quick repair of CCTV camera and the process is also easy to understand. Thanks Author for sharing helpful information through this article.

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