Common CCTV night vision problems and their solutions

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CCTV cameras are fabulous devices which help keep our homes and offices safe and prevent intrusion. These devices record the activity of the area in which they are mounted and hence help us remain aware if any unauthorised presence is detected. One of their greatest benefits is that they guard us even during the night. Thanks to latest technology, we can now clearly see activities in and around us through CCTV cameras even in low light conditions. However in some cases, you may face CCTV night vision problems which must be solved quickly to get full benefit out of the device. This is why we have brought you a list of the common CCTV night vision problems and their solutions:

1. No image or video at night


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One of the most common CCTV night vision problems is no image or video at night time.


  • To solve this issue, you must check whether the camera has power and all the connections and wires are fully secure.
  • Make sure the infra red light is on and illuminating. This indicates that the power is going through. If not, try turning it on.
  • Moreover you must understand that the camera may not always work in the range that it claims to so don’t rely on the printed specifications. Shorten the range if possible to get full benefits from your camera.
  • Try standing close to the camera and then see whether anything appears.
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2. White areas on the screen or white screen


Another common issue that one may face with a CCTV camera at night time is screen turning white or certain white areas on the screen. The reason for this is infra red light reflecting back into the camera lens.  This especially remains the cause if the angle of view is very wide.


Make sure you have the visor in line with the back of the camera body. Visor is that part of your CCTV camera lens which protects it from direct light or reflections.  This will help provide the lens a certain shade and minimise white lights and other light distractions.

cctv night vision problems
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3. General image deterioration at night time


During night, we often experience the problem of general image deterioration as far as CCTV or surveillance cameras are concerned.  What happens is that when infra red switches on camera, it draws more amount of current. But if the power is not powerful enough then this extra current drawn could lead to some problems.


To solve this problem, you need to ensure that you do not exceed the suggested or recommended cable run length and the cable is long enough. Long cables tend to cause connection problems and may affect camera performance and image quality.

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4. Moving spots in front of the camera


cctv night vision problems
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You may also experience moving spots in front of the camera which may seem like spider webs.  This phenomenon is more noticeable during fog type weather conditions where water droplets suspended in the air reflect the infra red. The warm currents present in the air lead particles to rise and fall and these appear as moving spots in front of the camera.


In order to avoid this, try to cover your camera with a visor or hood and avoid placing it in areas where there is too much dust.

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Now that you know the common CCTV night vision problems and their solutions, you can solve the issue yourself and get camera working in perfect condition again. If you are not able to solve the issue on your own or troubleshoot the problem, you can take help of a professional like Mr Right for CCTV camera repair and service.

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    I was not answered .Yes cameras are working well. The problem is to be able to see what is going on when cameras show movements but not see the full picture of what is moving .It is the reason i installed them .

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    My Lorex camera system shows in the daytime for four years but now all of a sudden not at night even in the daytime I have four cameras only three of them show but if I unplug one then the other one shows but never 4 at the same time First Sunlight in the morning date the three pops back on how do I fix this problem please

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    I bought a cctv set of 8 camera they all works fine in the day but 2 of the camera don’t work at night but it have the red infrared light on. How to fix that problem?

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