Horizontal lines in CCTV video? Here is what you need to do

horizontal lines in CCTV feed
Image Credits: thesecurityinstaller.co.uk

If you own a CCTV camera then you must have seen CCTV feeds and videos. In some cases, your CCTV video may not be very clear and it may have horizontal lines on the monitor. These lines which are known as smear or blooming could make it very difficult for you to view the video. There are a lot of reasons which could be causing these horizontal lines in CCTV video and if you wish to resolve them you must know these reasons as well. Afterall, watching an important recording can be interrupted due to these lines. The following are some of the causes as well as solutions for horizontal lines in CCTV video:

1. Light source coming in way of camera

CAUSE: One of the main causes of horizontal lines in CCTV videos is light source coming in way of camera directly. If a light falls directly on the camera, then the video that comes to you or the feed transmitted may not be clear and may result in horizontal lines. What happens is that most security cameras are single chip CCD sensor ones. If these are faced with extra bright light then the pixels get overwhelmed and the horizontal lines that you see are basically electrical interference of light sensor.

SOLUTION: To solve this problem, reduce the amount of light or change its angle. One way to reduce the light is by using a dome camera which has a darkened shell.

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2. Try a different camera

CAUSE: Low quality CCTV camera

SOLUTION: If the problem continues or is not resolved, then you can also try a camera with WDR or Widen Dynamic Range such as an Effio Series DSP camera.  You can also try a CMOS sensor camera because such a device does not face the problem of horizontal lines. But it is important to keep in mind that even a CMOS sensor camera has a problem with too much direct light. This is so because extra light can burn out the pixels of the camera and will hence not let the camera produce a clear feed.

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Here are some more recommendations you can find online:-

  1. Hikvision 4MP WDR Network Camera 
  2. 101AV WDR OSD Camera 
  3. Empire Tech 8MP WDR IR Mini Bullet Network Camera 

3. Problem with the power supply

CAUSE: In some cases, horizontal lines on the video feed of a CCTV camera suggest that there is a 60 Hz AC component in the video.  This means that the power supply received by it is improper and needs to be changed.

SOLUTION: To solve this issue, you can change the power supply as it may not be very well filtered.

change the power supply
Image Credits: cctvcentral.com

4. Problems with the Cat 5 shield

CAUSE: Another common cause for horizontal lines in CCTV camera is problem with the Cat 5 shield. Check if the Cat 5 shield if touching any equipment of not.  Cat 5 shield is basically a category 5 cable used in computer networks which provides 100 MHz of performance.

SOLUTION: Make sure the cable is not touching or is grounded to both ends. Only one end must be grounded. to dissipate the RF to the ground.

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  1. SolidLink CAT5e 1000ft Premium UTP Ethernet Cable 
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Now that you know some of the main causes and solutions for horizontal lines in CCTV video, you may be able to get rid of them. Try each of the above given methods and measures to solve the issue. This is so because the blooming lines can make it difficult for you to view the feed correctly. If you are unable to troubleshoot the problem on your own, you can always reach out to a professional. Contact Mr Right for CCTV camera video not clear or other such issues.

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    “Great post on horizontal lines in CCTV video! The clear explanation and practical tips provided here are extremely helpful for anyone dealing with surveillance footage. Understanding and troubleshooting those pesky horizontal lines can make a significant difference in video quality. Thanks for sharing these insights!”

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    Thanks for sharing this informative post! Horizontal lines in CCTV video can be quite frustrating, and it’s great to have some insight into what might be causing them. Understanding the potential issues and troubleshooting steps can be incredibly helpful for anyone dealing with this problem. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to more useful tips on improving CCTV video quality.

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    Thank you for addressing the issue of horizontal lines in CCTV video and providing solutions in your blog post. The troubleshooting steps you outlined are incredibly useful for anyone encountering this problem. I appreciate the emphasis on checking the camera connections, adjusting the camera settings, and testing different cables. The inclusion of potential causes such as interference and power supply issues is insightful. Overall, a practical and informative guide for resolving horizontal line issues in CCTV video. Well done!

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    Comments did not help, cctv cameras, the cables etc, have not been moved for over 5 years. But tuesday 03/11/2020, I started getting said lines.
    I turned cctv recorder off at mains, left 1 hour, turned back on.
    Brilliant picture., 2 hours later, lines back.
    Also got fuzzy lines on 1 of 4 cameras.
    HELP needed. Please.

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    With this blooming lines caused by the power supply, is there any way I can work on the 60HZ AC that’s causing the lines?

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    Hi Iam run two systems 1 DVR POE 4CH, the other 16ch DVR I do have running lines on the POE system. same on 16ch not POE. Not all of the time, Tried covering cables with copper foil on the network cables but still have this issue. plus have a 16ch amp running. will this effect the systems.


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