Hiding Your CCTV Cameras: Indoor and Outdoor Solutions

In the recent times, the demand for CCTV cameras is quite increasing as many homeowners are paying much more attention to home security and protection. Accordingly, some of these homeowners choose to hide their security cameras. Although the question whether hiding your CCTV cameras is good or bad is still an on-going debate, there are actually tons of benefits that you can get from making your cameras hidden.

Benefits and Importance of Concealing CCTV Cameras

One of the most apparent drawbacks of making your cameras visible to the public is the risk of having them disabled by burglars. Today, there are burglars who are very much tech-savvy which allows them to configure security systems. While there are many innovative solutions that prevent these kinds of concerns, the risk is still there. Hence, hiding your cameras will totally eliminate this kind of issue.

As for homeowners who are meticulous when it comes to aesthetics, the preference for hiding CCTV cameras is largely seen. There are times that the overall appearance of the house is essentially affected by the presence of the cameras. So, if you are very much concern with the way how your house will look like on the outside – then hiding your CCTV system is a real advantage.

Another benefit that you can enjoy from having a hidden camera is that you could see the activities of the people inside and outside your home and property. This is quite a good thing for homeowners who are uncomfortable with their new nannies or acquaintances. Also, if you are trying to learn the usual activities and movements done within the vicinity of your area, concealed CCTV cameras is a great option.

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Best Ways To Hide Your CCTV Cameras

Now, there are several great ways to conceal your cameras both indoors and outdoors. Here are some of the options that you may find suitable for you and your needs or wants:

1. Look For Professional Spy Cameras

With the increasing demands for hidden CCTV cameras, you will find various types of spy cams on the market today. These products are well-designed to make them appear as if they are invisible. Choosing this option would mean more convenience and less effort since you no longer need to exert time and attention to make it look like they are not existing at all.

Usually, spy cams are designed to complement with outdoor and indoor lamps, adapters, and alarm clocks. But, you could see different spy cams as well that can be installed into different appliances, furniture, and home accessories. Alongside the design, features of spy cams are ensured to capture efficiently the subject even in a very subtle place of installation.

2. DIY Decorations and Designs

Of course, buying spy cameras may entail shelling out of extra cash in comparison to the traditional and ordinary CCTV cameras. And not everyone would want that if there are other effective options available. Another best way to hide your cameras is by doing DIY crafts and decorations.

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There are apparently numbers of items inside your house that may serve as a hiding place for your camera. Normally, it is seen that most homeowners would refer to slid their “spy cams” on bookshelves, table plants, vases, lamps, and photo frames. However, it may no longer be “hidden” if everyone knows already the obvious.

You may try to utilize the less conspicuous items in your home. These may include stuffed toys, aquarium tanks, furniture, and desk decorations for indoors. As for outdoors, you may use old tires, birdhouses, or bushes. If you can’t find one, you may instead do a little crafting on your own. Moreover, you could see different online platforms today that share various types of DIY ideas. Well, the choice is yours to make and the options are quite wide. You just have to be creative.

3. Skin for Outdoor Cameras

Along with the different tools that you could use to hide your cameras, there are tons of different skins that you could purchase in the market today. These skins, especially the camouflage patterns, are significantly effective in concealing cameras to the public eye.

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This is pretty much one of the basic yet effective options for every homeowner. With the use of the skin, you just need to dress your cameras properly and let it blend accordingly to its surroundings. Camouflage patterns are highly recommended if your cameras are situated in a leafy and woody environment.

There are also plain-colored skins that you could use if, perhaps, your cameras are placed on the porch or ceiling just right outside your door. With these skins, only a really meticulous and discerning eye would notice.

Concerning Hidden Cameras

While it is easy to hide specific CCTV cameras indoors and outdoors in general, there are still concerns that are usually asked by many homeowners who plan to do this.

Generally, it is legal for every homeowner to have their cameras hidden whatever the reason is. But, be very wise and careful where to place these hidden cameras especially in places where privacy is highly expected – like the bathroom. If you do have other concerns regarding these, it is advisable for you to consult an attorney first.

As for the wires and cables, note that when you are planning to have your cameras hidden, everything should be concealed as well. If you do know how to re-arrange the wiring system for a much-concealed appearance – then all is good. But, if not – then it is much better for you to buy wireless cameras instead.

The same is true for DVR/NVR of your CCTV cameras. It is quite tricky to find the most suitable location where you could hide them especially for outdoors. Remember, most DVR/NVR today are not waterproof. Hence, find places where water cannot reach them. For indoors, you may try the attic or lockers if available.


About the Author

I am William Wilson, founder of thesecuritycamera.org. I am a technology engineer by passion and an experienced travel and adventure writer. Feel free to explore my website. You will find a lot of useful information concerning home security.

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    CCTV cameras are an important tool for keeping your property and loved ones safe, but they can be unsightly and intrusive if not installed properly. Hiding your CCTV cameras can help to maintain the security of your property while also preserving its aesthetic appeal. According to Do My Exam For Me Online There are various indoor and outdoor solutions available for hiding your CCTV cameras, such as using camouflage or disguising them as other objects. However, it is important to ensure that your cameras are still able to capture clear footage and are not obstructed by the hiding solution. Additionally, it is important to comply with local laws and regulations regarding CCTV camera installation and use.

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