Gear up for the festival season, repaint your walls

repaint your walls
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Your better half is contemplating a remodelling of your walls this Diwali. You want to help her in any manner but you are clueless about how to repaint walls. You are still thinking which colour would suit the most which will be cost-effective yet decent looking at the same time. At first, you will think of hiring a painter to repaint your walls, but then abandon the idea fearing that a professional will charge more. No worries! Repainting should not give you any mental tension. You can accomplish it on your own without any outside help if you follow these tips to repaint your walls.

Cleaning is important

Clean up your space is the first task to do while going to repaint your walls. Otherwise, the old dirt’s and stains could show up in your new paint and it will spoil the overall look of the walls. The paint will look rough. These dirt’s and stains will also make the surface less adhesive. This might lead the paint fall from the walls. It is not a herculean task to clean up the walls. All you need to do is just dusting and swipe it with a water and a normal soap.

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If you want to repaint your walls in the areas like bathroom or kitchen, then you should be an extra more attentive because you must clean them thoroughly as they deposit more dirt compared to other places of the house.

Beware of any flakes that might appear

If you notice any crack, fix it immediately. Cover them with light sending or simple scrape them with a tool so that the surface will be eligible to apply paint. You can apply plasters as well to hide the unevenness. Treat the entire wall with a layer of sanding if the wall is very old.

Beware of any flakes that might appear

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Before you go to repaint your walls, you must cover the surrounding areas because as the paint get dried, it will be difficult to remove.

Priming is an essential task when you repaint your walls

Though you can avoid primer before you repaint your walls, it will not give you the result the way you expect it to be. Priming makes your new colour look vibrant, it brings the vibrancy in your new colour, it will also bring smoothness and will hide any deformities.

Priming is an essential task

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Choose an oil-based primer if your wall has completely lost its original colour. If you expect a good colour, apply 2 coats of primer. Never use a built-in primer which is available in the market these days, they do not help in colour changes. You must apply it separately to achieve a better colour.

Get a painter tape when you repaint your walls

Using painter tapes while painting will enable the lines to appear clean. It will prevent the paint to spread unevenly.

Get a painter tape when you repaint your walls

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Then trim down the corners with a brush so that your roller could not miss any of the spots. Dip your roller in the paint in a horizontal direction. Do not move your roller straight, if you do this you might miss certain corners. When you finish the first coat, check it under the daylight, and examine the areas where the thickness is less. Apply precisely your second coat to have the final look come out satisfactorily.

The final opinion about how to repaint walls

Patience is required to carry out any repainting work. Moreover, you can save some bucks by doing it all by yourself. A wall with a flaking paint creates a messy environment at home. Falling off paint from the walls happen either the surface is not prepared properly before painting or the moisture pass through the wall to the surface. Hence repainting your wall is a necessity in this festive season. Follow these tips to repaint your walls in the weekend, because the festivals are just around the corner. Here are some quality paints you can buy for the purpose of repainting-

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A few things you will need when you repaint your walls– a clean cloth to wipe out any dust, a scraper, wire brush, putty knife, a good quality primer, masking tape, small paintbrush one or two, paint roller etc.

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