Software updates in Smart TVs

Like your smartphones and laptop, your Smart TV also runs on software or firmware. This software enables your TV to function smoothly while allowing you to download apps and watch content online. So just as you regularly update the software on your phone and laptop, you also need to update the software on your Smart TV. Being a bit new thing, many people don’t know much about software updates in Smart TVs. We have sorted some common but important questions about software updates in Smart TVs and found answers to those questions to help you out in this regard. 

Let us look at this topic in detail here.

What does a software update in Smart TV mean?

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Software updates serve as a way of introducing new features and fixing issues in the existing version of the software. Developers regularly work for updates in the software to increase its efficiency and utility. Some updates run in the background automatically while some are available as free downloads. They don’t change the software but fix the bugs and security issues to help them run smoothly. 

But, you have to remember the difference between a software update and a software upgrade. While the update adds the changes to the existing version, an upgrade is an entirely new version of the software, usually with major and significant changes. A software upgrade leaves the old version outdated and unable to support some apps and features. Software updates are usually small and free while the software upgrades may require a new purchase or an increased pricing system. 

Some bestselling TVs recommended for you:

  1. TCL 32-inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV – 32S327, 2019 Model
  2. Hisense 40-Inch 40H5500F Class H55 Series Android Smart TV with Voice Remote (2020 Model)
  3. Sony A8H 55-inch TV: BRAVIA OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility – 2020 Model
  4. SAMSUNG 40-inch Class LED Smart FHD TV 1080P (UN40N5200AFXZA, 2019 Model)
  5. SAMSUNG 50-inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series – 4K UHD HDR Smart TV with Alexa Built-in (UN50TU8000FXZA, 2020 Model)
  6. Mi 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Android Smart LED TV 4A PRO|L32M5-AL (Black)
  7. OnePlus 80 cm (32 inches) Y Series HD Ready LED Smart Android TV 32Y1 (Black) (2020 Model)
  8. LG 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV 32LM563BPTC (Dark Iron Gray) (2020 Model)
  9. eAirtec 61 cms (24 inches) HD Ready LED TV 24DJ (Black) (2020 Model)
  10. Kodak 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Certified Android LED TV 32HDX7XPRO (Black) (2020 Model)

Why do Smart TVs need updating?

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It is important to regularly update the software of your smart TV to make sure it has all the latest features provided by the manufacturers. The software updates also offer fixes for the security issues and bugs to keep the software, and in turn, your TV, running smoothly. 

Make sure to update your Smart TV’s software as often as possible so that you can enjoy all its features as they come.

How to update Smart TV software?

Software updates in Smart TVs
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The software of your Smart TV can be updated manually as well as automatically in the background. For automatic updates, you can set up for automatic download of any software updates in the settings of your TV. This will allow the software to update itself in the background automatically, given it is connected to the internet. 

You can also update the software manually, if you don’t have an internet connection or if you want to save your internet bandwidth. In order to manually update the software when your TV is connected to the internet, you have to follow the instructions given in the user manual. The exact steps may differ as per the TV model and manufacturers, but this usually involves going to Settings > Software Update > Update Now. 

However, if you can’t connect your TV to the internet, you can update the software by downloading the latest update to a USB drive and then plugging it into the TV to manually install the update. 

How do I check if my Smart TV is running on the latest software?

It is important to know if your Smart TV is running on the latest software or not so that you can be sure that you are enjoying the benefits of all the latest and best features. You can check the software version in the ‘About’ section of the TV Settings menu.

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