Basic Tool Box – a must have for every home!

Very often you encounter that certain home repair tasks do not require technician help like tightening nuts and bolts or pulling out a nail, or hanging a small wall clock, and many more. But you end up calling and paying a technician because you do not have the basic and necessary tools to finish the job yourself. But you can save your time and money both. What you need is a basic tool box at your home. This would help you do simple home repair.

A basic tool box is a must for every household. But what all to include in a home tool kit?

Find them below:


  1. Tool box or tool bag : You need a tool box to keep all your tools. It should be strong enough to carry your tools safely. Many types of tool boxes are available in the market like fiber body or metal body. Tool bags are also good option. They are easy to carry and store.
  2. Hammer : It is the most basic and most used tool. It is used to drive in nails, pull nails out, break hard items , fit parts and lot more.
  3. Screw Driver: It is a very handy tool. It is used for rotating and tightening screws.
  4. Wrench: It is used to open nuts and bolts. Its jaws can be adjusted to fit nuts and bolts of different sizes.
  5. Pliers: It is a gripping tool which helps to hold, turn and pull out different types of nails. It is also used as wire cutter.
  6. Utility knife: This sharp knife is used for general cutting purpose like paper cutting, cardboard cutting etc.
  7. Measuring Tape: As the name suggest it is used for measurement purpose like finding the center of wall when you are hanging a painting or measuring the area when you are planning to buy a new corner table, and many more.
  8. Flash Light: A very important tool to see when the power is off or viewing the dark areas like inside your water tank.
  9. Nails: What to say about them. Every wall in your house has some decor item hanging on them. Keep general purpose nails and screws in your tool box.

All these tools are very basic and are easily available at any hardware shop. Your tool box is the first aid box for your home repair.

So be smart and start preparing your tool kit from today.

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Happy Living!

Team  Mr. Right

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