Signs Your Security System is Outdated

Are your systems protecting you well enough? Does it prevent your home from any burglary events? Is it outdated? What are the new advancements to expect? To know the answers to all these questions you need to check out the below signs to determine.

Let’s have a look at the 4 most important signs to know if your system is outdated or not

Hardwired System

The new age security systems are wireless or application based, and if you are someone using a wired system then it’s high time that you update to the new advancements. Hardwired systems are very easy to disable hence provide very less security, in fact, you are at a greater risk of a burglary. All the communications that happen are through the telephone line which can be disabled(cut) very easily and you might never be known about it also. It is not only the systems but also the hardwired sensors that are not protective enough. An application based system is far better compared to other systems and assures to provide the utmost security than the wired ones. 


The accessibility of your security system determines if it is outdated or not. Today’s systems let you monitor your home even when you are not present there physically. The benefit of using wireless or app-based systems is to be able to monitor and be notified about your home. It is more like having someone else do the job for you. It allows you to monitor from anywhere and at any time and from any device which has the security application installed. Able to manage your house with just a few taps on your smartphone is one of the best and newest advancements in the field of  modern security systems.

No Real-Time Updates

Does your security system notify about all the activities that happen in your home? Like any new visitor entry, your staff’s entry/exit, kid’s moves? If it doesn’t then your system needs to be upgraded as soon as possible. Apart from being able to view/monitor(which can be done only when you are free), it is better to have updates about your home as well. For example, if there is a visitor at your place and you have your kid alone at home then in such cases this helps as it will notify and ask you for the approval, so it makes sure only authorized visitors can enter inside, making sure your kid. 

No System Updates

Doesn’t your system have new updates every now and then? Like new feature updates or any replacements? Are you using the same system with the same features for a long time now? Then your system is definitely not providing you with the kind of security you need. There is a rapid increase in the crime rates over the recent years and hence the systems have to be upgraded to provide utmost security no matter what the situation is. For example, if you have a system which only alerts you in case of an emergency like a fire accident. And if you leave your kid at home hoping that he is safe because of the security system you have doesn’t make any sense at all. Instead of having a false sense of security go for the one that updates every now and then with new features.

So before deciding/being in the false thinking that your system is securing your home well enough, please check the above points to determine if your system is outdated or not. If yes, then go for the new application based modern security systems for all-around protection to your home.

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