Pre-Organise the Set-Up of Your New Home

Relocation is an overwhelming and notoriously stressful task during which many things tend to get lost or forgotten, from actual household objects, various valuables to important documentation. And, the worst thing is that you discover it when you’re already at your new home and it’s probably too late. To make your house move as smooth as possible, here’s a list of things to help you get organised.

Removal firms

Getting a good removal firm is something that can either make or break your relocation day. It’s crucial you ask around and do your research to find the highest quality service at a price that is reasonable and affordable for you. The best recommendation is usually by word of mouth, but there’s plenty of information online as well that can be helpful.
When you finally narrow down your list of potential removal companies, ask if they provide insurance that will protect your possessions during the move, and whether or not they offer the service of packaging with the appropriate boxing material and if it’s included in the price.

If you decide to pack your stuff yourself, make sure you clearly label each box and inform the removal firm which box goes where and how to handle it during the process if it’s particularly valuable or fragile. This will save you a lot of hassle, misunderstanding or damage.

Moving your utilities

On the moving day, you need to turn off the gas, electricity, water and all the switches, but what needs to be done weeks prior is organising the cancelling and transfer of your house utilities to your new location. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be a lengthy or stressful task since now you can leave it to the professionals to arrange moving house utilities for you. It only takes one phone call and all is done in 12 minutes. This will considerably shorten your part of the work and make the whole process less troublesome.

Phone and Internet

The last thing you need, after a long and exhausting move, is to unpack and realize you’re cut off from the rest of the world because you have no phone or internet connection. To avoid this horror, contact your telephone provider and inform them of your move as it might be possible to transfer your existing phone number to your new location.
Also, call your internet service provider and get your final bill. Your new place might have the internet installed, but if not, there may be the option of transferring your current service. This is something your internet provider will be able to assist you with, but you need to do it early as sometimes you need to give a minimum one month’s notice period if you wish to terminate your service.

Prepping your new home

As soon as you’ve closed the deal on your new home and got the keys, it’s clever to change the locks. There’s a great possibility that many people – the previous owners, their friends and family, realtors, maintenance service – have the keys to your new home, so for the sake of your own peace of mind, get new locks installed as soon as possible.

Furthermore, it might happen that the previous owners hadn’t left the place in presentable shape, so it’s good you hire a cleaning service to get it in top condition. Also, you will probably need the interior painted, either because it hasn’t been done for a while or you don’t like the existing wall paint. This work is quite challenging and time consuming, so consider hiring professionals again. They will know how to treat all the possible cracks, holes and defects.

Finally, make sure all the mechanical equipment is cleaned and serviced. It’s essential you get the heating/cooling system inspected and serviced, as you don’t want it malfunctioning in the dead of winter.

Letting everyone know about the move

Once the packing is done, you’ve made it through the move and finally settled in your new home, consider who knows you’ve moved. It’s surprising how many people forget to inform family and friends about their relocation. As soon as you’ve got the exact date of your move, inform your employer and colleagues, family, friends, the bank, insurers, your children’s school, clubs you’re a member of and anyone who you might be subscribed to so your mail and deliveries could be redirected.

Obviously, the relocation of your home and family should not be taken lightly, so make sure you begin planning in time, around 4 to 6 weeks before your move. The key to a smooth and stress-free and successful relocation is proper organisation and careful preparation!

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