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garden care tips
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Having a garden is as necessary as maintaining it.Garden maintenance should be consistent, it should not be like you pay attention to it occasionally and leave it unattended for a month. A frequent care is essential to see your garden flourished. You should stroll around your garden every now and then just to have a look is everything going ok. This is a way to discover problems in your garden which plants got fungus or which plants need more attention.

There is no specific time that you should spend in your garden. Your busy lifestyle may not permit you to spend a good amount of time in your garden. Often, we forget to beautify our outdoor spaces while it is equally important to take care of them. Here are some garden care tips when it comes to watering, lawn maintenance and weeding in your garden to see it flourished.

You see many people put leftover coffee beans as it works as a good manure and keep it clean from the dirt daily get accumulated in your garden, so the tips and tricks of garden maintenance can be many.

Below are a few garden maintenance tips and tricks for your knowledge.


Watering forms a major part of the garden maintenance activity. Regular watering will keep your plants hydrated. It retains the moisture in the flowering beds. For better garden maintenance, always water in the early morning or evening in your garden as at this time, the soil is usually cooler compared to the noon time. Do not water in the plant heads or leaves, as it would cause mould formation. So always water gently in the roots and alternatively, you can try an irrigation system or a water control system to regulate the amount of moisture in the soil.


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Taking care of your pots

A very good suggestion here when it comes to garden maintenance is that you should use little clay pots because they protect young plants from overnight frosts. First, if you notice salt gets deposited in the clay pots, then mix equal amount of white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and water in a spray bottle. Mix them in the pot with a plastic brush, before planting anything on the pot, allow it to dry.

A natural marker

You can write the name of the plants on the flat surface of a stone or brick and put them in the base of your plants. You should take stones of varied sizes and use a permanent marker for this job. If you do this, you will not have to maintain a separate nameplate for each of your plants and this will save your money. This is a wonderful low-cost garden maintenance tips.

A natural marker

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How to get rid of aphids

It is a kind of plant lice which attacks plants and destroy them. You can finish them with a strong flow of water from your hose or you can use an insecticidal soap from the market. This is one of the garden care tips to keep your garden free from plant lice which attacks overnight.

How to get rid of aphids

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Natural watering

When you boil vegetables in your kitchen, the leftover water you can pour into the plants instead of draining them. The plants are very receptive towards this water and this helps them grow faster. One of the easiest household garden care tips to maintain your garden with care.

How to acidify the plants

To maintain the PH level of the plants, you can use leftover tea and coffee and sprinkle them on the grounds once a month. This will help the plants to retain the acidic substance and keep the fungus away. The remains of chamomile tea are good for the plants to prevent the attack of fungus. One of the effective garden care tips which people have been experimenting for long.



Protecting the lawn from the hot temperature more than 30 degree Celsius is a necessary garden maintenance tips.Temperatures as many as 26 degree Celsius will not hamper the growth of plants so whenever the temperature rises, never cut the grass too short. Maintain the grass length as much as 5 centimetres as this will prevent the soil from drying out in the heat. 4 to 8 am is the ideal time to water the grass and while watering the lawn, spend at least 10-15 litres of water per sq.m as a guide. However never overwatering as it could lead to mould formation. One of the vital garden care tips which many people ignore and water their gardens at any time resulting in the poor growth of the plants.


Plant beds should be dense enough to prevent the growth of weeds. Yous should rememeber this one of the important garden care tips while developing your home garden.There should not be wide gap existed between the plants. You can use mulch to prevent weed seeds from sprouting.


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If any of the attacking existing weeds you see, then remove them immediately. Use a weeding trowel to reach to the roots.

Apart from all these garden care tips, you will confront many such problems in your home garden which will be unique to your space. for this, you will have to find out effective solutions. The internet is one such source of knowledge through which you can solve many of your problems in your garden.

These garden maintenance tips and tricks will help you take care of your home garden without burning our pocket.

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