Smart ways to break in new shoes

Ways to break in new shoes
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A new pair of shoes may be uncomfortable for initially a few days. You should not be in pain while adjusting yourself to the new shoes. There are many ways which you can step into your new pair of shoes without getting hurt or bearing pain. Do not let your shoes preventing you from enjoying the moment. You must have already suffered blistered ankles and aching toes. There are ways to stretch them out to get them into the shape of your foot. Let us see what are they and how to manage your new pair of shoes. There are many ways to break in new shoes. If you employ these tricks you can fit into your shoes perfectly in no time

Wear it on short occasions

Never wear your new pair of shoes for the entire day. You should start slow. Wear them on short occasions and put them off immediately. It will help break the new pair of shoes without causing your feet to take much pain. You will see slowly the new pair of shoes have stretched out naturally.

Spraying alcohol and water

Try spraying a combination of alcohol and water on the inside of your new pair of shoes. Then immediately wear them for about 20 minutes. If you repeat this process a few times, you will feel some difference. You will see your fresh pair of shoes is getting moulded to your foot.

Spraying alcohol and water

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Put ice

It works overnight if you want to stretch out your fresh pair of shoes. Fill two plastic bags with water, and place each bag inside one of your shoes. After that, put the shoes in the freezer, and leave it overnight. The water will turn into ice, and this will help to expand your fresh pair of shoes.

put ice

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Faking them

You can use shoe shaper. Try inserting a few socks in the shaper and put them inside of your fresh pair of shoes. Leave them like this overnight. In next morning, you will your fresh pair of shoes are perfectly fitting in your foot

Get rid of blisters

If you develop blisters while wearing your new pair of shoes, then try using compeed blister cushions instead of bandages. This will help to keep away blisters for a long time. And will relieve your foot.

get rid of blisters

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Wear it at your home

Use thick socks and use them with your fresh pair of shoes while at home doing household work. This will help to stretch them out.

Heat them up

You can use a hairdryer on low heat and apply them in the place where you feel tight in your fresh pair of shoes. It will expand the shoe.

heat them up

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We all love to experiment different types of footwear. The only thing that keeps us worried about the comfortability part. So, getting some tips on how to manage your new pair of shoes prior to investing them is a great relief.

These few simple tips about ways to break in new shoes will leave you relaxed and satisfied every time you buy your shoes.

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