Fantastic ways to prevent basement window leaking

basement window leaking
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Who doesn’t love rains? But along with the beautiful weather and freshly washed surroundings, rains bring certain unwanted things as well and one of them is water in the basement. If you find that your basement window is leaking, then you must take appropriate steps to stop the water and also prevent this from happening again. A leaking basement window may seem like a small issue but it is only a matter of time before it turns into a major problem.  It can lead to damaging of your belongings and also mold and fungus in your basement. The following are some of the fantastic ways to prevent basement window leaking:

1. Caulk the basement window

If you find water coming through basement window, then the first thing you can try is to caulk it. But you must also remember that if the window has been leaking for some time, then the frame may be rotting or damaged and you could need some additional repairs as well. Sometimes, the damage is so severe that the frame may need complete replacement.

caulking the basement window

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2. Install a window well

Another solution to the problem of basement window leaking is to install a window well.  A window well is basically a curved piece of steel which is inserted with a corrugated pipe which is used to attempt to block the moisture from the area around the window.  In case you already have a window well then you may need to get some gravel inside it for further full proofing.

window well

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3. Install a window well cover

For solving the problem of basement window leaking you can also consider installing a well cover. Window wells tend to become clogged with snow, leaves and dirt over a period of time and they must thus be cleared every now and then. Covers help to decrease the amount of debris and water that collects and enters the window well area. Thus contact a professional to suggest you the best cover for your window well.

window well install

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4. Adjust the grade of the window

Grade present outside homes can also be a big reason for leaking basement windows and hence it is a good idea to adjust it to avoid the issue. If the grade is sloping towards your home then it can lead to water entering the windows. Thus you can contact a professional to help you adjust the grade so that it doesn’t slope in that direction.

adjust grade of window

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5. Check the downspouts

In many cases, overflowing gutters could be leaking to basement window leaks. Thus make sure you check the gutters and downspouts around your house and make sure they are not overflowing. If yes, contact authorities to have them cleared up.


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6. Install new windows

If none of the above given methods work, then the only solution left with you is to install new windows altogether. Sometimes old windows may begin to rot and get damaged and they may thus require replacement to avoid window leaks.

install new windows

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