4 Energy saving habits that will reduce your utility bills

Energy saving tips

Saving energy reduces our utility bills as well as saves our environment from damage. The simplest  way by which we can save money as well as our nature is developing some energy saving habits. These habits may appear small but show noticeable results in long run.

Here are 4 simple  and no-cost habits which we should learn and cultivate for our own long term benefits :

  1. Home cooling Habit: Our air conditioners consume most energy and account for large numbers on the utility bills. In order to reduce their energy consumption and in turn our bills we must learn to use this appliance smartly.
    • Firstly keep the doors/ windows and other openings closed for faster room cooling. If the cold air does not leak from the room the room remains cool for a longer time.
    • Secondly install time switch with the AC for smart cooling. To know more on time switch refer to article ” 6 really easy steps to save energy at home “.
    • Thirdly buy energy efficient star AC to reduce energy consumption.
  2. Appliances and electronics running Habit:
    • Do not forget to unplug your televisions, music system, microwaves etc. when not in use. These devices consume electricity even in the standby mode.
    • Do not forget to switch off the lights and fans when you don’t need them. Make a habit to switch off the bulbs and fan when you are the last one to leave the room.
    • Go for energy saving appliances for long term benefits.
  3. Water Habit: Make it a habit not to waste water rather conserve it. This will definitely reduce your monthly water bills. Below are few water conservation tips:
    • Do not leave the tap running when you are brushing teeth (very common habit) or applying soap on your face before washing it.
    • Do not use your bathroom flush as a waste basket. Every time you flush your cigarette bud or a paper napkin or any other small trash, it wastes liters of water.
    • Turn off the shower when applying soap and turn it on again to rinse. This could save lots of water from being wasted.
    • Rinse the fruits and veggies in a pan of clean water rather than cleaning them under running tap.
  4. Cooking Habit: Below guidelines of smart cooking. Make them your habit and observe the changes in you bills:
    1. Cover the food while cooking. This way food will be cooked faster saving lots of fuel.
    2. While cooking keep in mind to match the size of cooking dish with the size of stove ring. If the size of pan is large and the size of burner small, then more will be the cooking time which mean more fuel consumption.
    3. Keep all the cooking ingredients like chopped veggies, spices, cooking aids etc. ready before you start cooking. Most of us don’t notice that we keep the pans on stove on low heat and then start collecting cooking materials. This wastes lot of LPG/fuel.
    4. Do not put the cold food items straightaway from refrigerator into the pan for cooking. First let the temperature of chilled food item come down to room temperature and then cook them.
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For more information on energy saving visit Ideas by Mr.Right

All the ideas that are mentioned above are neither strange to us nor difficult to follow. Rather they are well known tips that are very easy to adopt. These energy saving habits can surely improve our financials and give us a liberty to enhance the quality of life.  So why not start today!


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