A complete guide about how to install a door bell with ease

how to install a door bell
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A doorbell is commonly found in every household that allows easy access for visitors. The pleasant sound of a calling bell alerts us about the person we are waiting for and fill our mind with happiness. Some people associate it with auspiciousness by installing Feng shui doorbells. From safety purpose also, a doorbell can save you from possible danger because most advanced doorbells are coming into the market which can alert you whenever there is the presence of a person in the front door.

Installing a doorbell might look very complicated though, in reality, it is not. Without a professional, if you are attentive about a few tips, you can install it at home all by yourself. Below is a step by step guidance about how to install a doorbell with ease –

First cut off power supply

The circuits that carry electricity between the old doorbell and the sounding tube should be turned off. Even after switching it off, use a tester for double check if the electricity remains there.

First cut off power supply

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https://www.google.co.inNext, take the old doorbell away

Simply remove the cover from the old doorbell and take it out from the wall by a screwdriver.

Take the old doorbell away

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Now you can see the whole bunch of wires attached to the wall, tie them properly with an electrical tape. Close the surface of the open hole located behind the wires with a sticky tape to prevent the wires passing inside the hole. Tape down the hole where the structure was hanging on and seal them tightly so that in future, they do not give any trouble.

Now connect the wires to a new switch

Keep the cover out from the new button and tie the wires located at the base of the structure. Adjust the wires into the positive and negative positions with the help of a screwdriver.

remove the cover of the old doorbell with the help of a screwdriver

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Fix the new doorbell to the wall

Now adjust the plate into the right position through the screwdriver and move it slowly over the new calling bell till it gets automatically fits into its actual position.

Fix the new doorbell to the wall

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Check the new doorbell if it is working properly or not by switching on the power supply. Use the tester to see if the current is passing through the new bell. Now slightly press the new calling bell. If it sounds well, then your work is completed.


Sometimes, the sound does not come from the new calling bell because the wires are improperly fixed. However, if you repeatedly fail to ring the bell, then only a professional will solve this puzzle. In such instance, the problem is not with the calling bell, but with the wires.

This complete guide on how to install a doorbell will enable you to quickly get a new tune fixed into your house without waiting for the professional to come. Because you can’t wait to hear the favorite tune from your new calling bell. It is enchanting especially if you hear it in the evening!!

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