Fabulous ways to save energy during spring

Fabulous ways to save energy
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As the weather gets warmer, we tend to put the fans and the air conditioners to use. Besides this, the refrigerator too is put to use more often and for far more purposes than in the winters. This can easily lead to consumption of much more energy than used during the colder months.  In the process of keeping the house cool, we end up increasing our energy usage as well as the electricity bill amount. But there are many ways you can save energy and hence save your hard earned income as well. The following are some of the most fabulous ways to save energy during the spring and summer season.

  • Make use of the windows in the house

Fabulous ways to save energy during spring

Most of us have several windows in the house but how many of us really use them? Well, during the spring season when the heat isn’t as much as in summers, you can easily open the various windows in the house and boost the air circulation.  This not only promotes natural ventilation but fresh air is also good for your health and that of your family’s health.  It is always better to leave the windows open in the night to collect the air and closed in the day to capture and use the cool air.

  • Switch off appliances and lights when not needed

Switch off appliances and lights when not needed

Several times, we leave the lights and the various electrical appliances open even when they are not required. It is better to switch off unnecessary electrical and electronic appliances as this helps to save a lot of energy. When watching TV, all family members can sit in the same room rather than in using different sets and so on. Minimize use of computers, water heaters, dishwashers etc too.

  • Thermostat must be used efficiently

Thermostat must be used efficiently

Another fantastic way to save energy during spring is to make use of the thermostat very efficiently.  It must be set as high as it is comfortable. For this purpose, it is better to get a programmable thermostat which can be manoeuvred easily. A great tip is to avoid setting it to a colder than normal setting since this may only lead to higher expense. It is important to keep in mind that the lower the difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures, the lower will be the cooling.

  • Avoid hot air from leaking inside the house

If you have been trying hard to keep your home cool but fail to do so, then this could be due to hot air leaking into your home from small gaps or holes around the space. For this it is important to seal the openings etc. You can make use of weather-stripping or caulk for air leak sealing.

So now that you know some of the most useful tips to save energy and hence your money during spring, you must follow these tips on an everyday basis. Planting trees and tall plants just outside the house is another way to keep the indoors cool.


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