Most common home lighting mistakes to avoid

common lighting mistakes
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When it comes to lighting, a lot of us make several mistakes during installation and designing. Lighting is not just a part of decor but also functionality and hence when you are installing them, you must take care of both the aspects. Lighting for the sake of lighting is also not enough. You must choose and install lighting to suit the mood and theme of the room. For example, certain rooms need bright lights while others need romantic and cosy lights. The following are the most common home lighting mistakes one must avoid making.

1. Not having task or accent lighting

Good lighting is not just about ambient lighting. Not using several sources of lighting or creating layers can prove to be a mistake.  To avoid this mistake, you must add accent or task lighting to your interiors. These lighting options help to bring out the various architectural features or focal points in the room. Doing so can also build cosiness in the room.

task lighting

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2. Not Using a Dimmer

Another common home lighting mistake to avoid is not using dimmer switches. What dimmer switches do is that they can help meet various lighting demands.  It basically offers some level of customisation to your lighting arrangement and can help change the mood of the room based on your taste.

3. Not coordinating with lighting with the paint

If you want to make your room stand out and create the perfect atmosphere, then you need to make sure that the lighting and the paint color must be well coordinated.  Remember that while dark colours tend to absorb light, bright colours reflect light. If there are bright lights in any room, then to reflect them, you may need a color such as white and so on.

4. Not having proper lighting in pathways and driveways

Not having sufficient and proper lighting in driveways and pathways is another common home lighting mistake that should not be made.  Lighting these areas is important from the safety and security point of view. If you do not want to spend a lot, then you can use low intensity and low accent lights which are placed very strategically in the pathways.  Also the lighting must be done in such a way that it doesn’t blind the visitors or drivers.

common home lighting mistakes

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5. Using recessed or can lights everywhere

Can and recessed lights may be really inexpensive but using them just anywhere can also prove to be a mistake.  They are not capable of spreading enough light and add no design value too to the house or room. Thus avoid using them everywhere and look for more options as well.

Avoid these common home lighting mistakes and see your house light up quite literally. Proper lighting not only influences the mood but also creates a good impact on the guests. It can enhance the appeal of your house as well.

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