6 benefits of LED lighting

Benefits of LED lights

LED i.e light emitting diode is one of today’s most energy-efficient and rapidly growing lighting technology. Already used in commercial applications, these are now reaching households too. For nations like India which struggle to meet the increasing electricity requirement, one of the biggest benefits of LED lighting is energy saving.

Knowing the pros and cons of LED would help you make a decision on whether or not you want to go for them for your home:


  1. Long Life: LED light bulbs last up to 50000 hours which is almost 8 times longer than your CFL.
  2. Energy Saver : LED uses almost 75% less energy then CFL. Great way to reduces the monthly utility bills.
  3. Directional: It emits light in a specific direction and is great for  task light, table lamps and recessed down lights.
  4. Less heat: It emits very less heat in comparison to CFL and incandescent bulbs reducing the risk of combustion and burns.
  5. No Mercury: It contains no mercury and prevents the emission of harmful gases. On the other hand, CFL emits UV rays.
  6. Durable: It is made with epoxy lenses, not glass and are very resistant to breakage under normal conditions.


  1. High initial cost.
  2. Poor quality LED may begin to flicker, change color and provide uneven light.
  3. Limited availability

As the adoption of LEDs will grow, the energy saving will become enormous. It will also reduce the harmful green house gas emission, which is an addition to the benefits of LED lighting.

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(Picture source: www.gizmag.com)

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