17 electrical safety tips to make your home accident and shock free

Electrical safety tips

We are surrounded by electrical appliances and devices at our home. Any average Indian Household has many home appliances like air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, television, juicer, mixer, grinder, inverter, microwave and many more. We also use electrical devices for personal care and grooming like hair dryers, straighteners, trimmers and so on. We must adhere to certain electrical safety tips while using and handling these devices to ensure our safety.

Follow the below tips and make your home shock  free:

Safety measure with electrical appliances & devices

  1. Unplug all the appliances and devices after use to ensure that they are not switched on accidentally. Even unplug the appliances which have auto-shut feature.
  2. Always follow the manufacturer instruction while using any appliance. In case of any major fault in the appliances do not try to open or repair them. Call for professional help.
  3. Do not plug all heavy appliances in one power outlet. This can lead to over loading of the outlet.
  4. All large appliances like AC, refrigerator, washing machine etc. should be plugged-in using three pin plug where the third pin is earthed.
  5. Never use any electrical appliance or device with wet hands or bare feet or while standing in water.
  6. Never cover the electrical appliances that heat up on using like iron or heater. Always keep them at well ventilated place to cool them down.
  7. Immediately switch off the power supply to the appliance in case of sparking or shock. Call professionals for repair. Reuse them only once they are repaired.
  8. Never keep any water source or water decor item near your electrical appliances. Be careful while using a washing machine.
  9. Never touch or do any minor repair of any wire or cord with wet hands or bare foot or while standing in water.
  10. Make sure that no electrical socket or switch board is hanging on wall. All sockets and switch boards should be firmly fixed to wall.
  11. Never staple or nail down a wire or cord to support them. Always use a tape or rope to hold them in position.
  12. Do not cover the wires or cords under carpets.
  13. Never use damaged wires or sockets even if they are working. Replace them immediately with a new ones.
  14. Make sure that all the bulbs and tube lights in your home are tightly screwed to their holders. In case they are loose, get the holders changed or tightened to avoid any accident.
  15. If any power outlet becomes warm on using or you see sparks , do not use it. Get it repaired before next use.
  16. Make sure that there are no live wire out from any point. If you find one then immediately get it removed or repaired.
  17. Switch off the power supply while replacing a bulb or doing any minor electrical repair work.

Ensure that everyone in your home ( especially children) are well aware of the electrical safety tips and follow them. If your children are too small to understand these measure make sure that you keep them away from electronic devices and power outlets. Do not let them play with the wires and sockets.

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