5 Outdoor blind ideas to give you privacy

Being in the outdoors has its intrinsic appeal. There’s a certain kind of peace that comes with watching the birds flutter and the clouds shifting with every minute. But interestingly, each person has a different way of enjoying the outdoors.

Some people prefer to go camping. They like to set up a tent and roast marshmallows in front of a bonfire. Some others prefer to stay at home and lounge on their veranda while they let time pass by. 

If you’re a private person who likes to spend their time outdoors minus the hassle and intrusion involved in camping, the latter might be an easier option for you. Fortunately, there are outdoor blinds and shutters that you can install to make quietly and privately enjoying the outdoors a lot easier. 

Outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds and shutters allow you to gain better control over the amount of noise and light that get into your property. Most outdoor blinds come in various functions and opacities so you have a rich selection of blinds and shutters to give you the privacy you need. 

In Australia, manufacturers offer various types of shutters and blinds made from high-quality materials. You can find wood, PVC, and aluminum shutters in Brisbane. Two of the most popular types of outdoor blinds are (1) auto-lock outdoor blinds and, (2) shade blinds.

Auto-lock outdoor blinds

These types of outdoor blinds are highly adjustable and give you full control of the amount of opening in your space. It can be opened and closed at any point, and its auto-lock feature secures everything in place. 

High-quality models for this blinds of this type usually come with shade adjustment features so you can make your space as sunny or as dim as you’d like. This type of blinds is highly sophisticated and functional and looks great in any setting.

Shade Blinds

Nowadays, you can protect yourself from direct sunlight and give yourself more privacy with just a few taps on a remote. If you’re living in Brisbane, there are many motorised blinds in Brisbane area that are available for installation in outdoor spaces like the veranda or a pergola.

These shade blinds are durable and can be opened and closed through remote control. This allows you to get full control over the amount of UV protection you get while you lounge in your property.

Outdoor Awnings and Blinds

Outdoor awnings and blinds have different ways of providing UV protection, but both are efficient outdoor fixtures to guard you against harsh sun rays. But if you’re looking for a fixture that can offer you both sun and rain protection, outdoor awnings may be a better option for you. 

Simple and easy to operate, awnings can be strategically mounted on walls to protect you from the rain and sun. When purchased from reliable manufacturers, outdoor awnings can last for decades as they are highly durable and hard-wearing.

Shutter Awnings

Yes, shutters and awnings in one. Shutters awnings combine the adjustability of shutters and the overhead protection that awnings can provide. This type of awning can be tilted as desired to provide just the right amount of sun protection that you need.

Unlike other types of awnings, shutter awnings allow you to get as much sunlight as you’d like as it doesn’t offer full protection. You can tilt it until you find just the right angle that offers the right amount of shade that you’d like. You can then lock it in place to secure.

Folding arm awnings

There are days when we just want to bask under the golden heat of the sun, and there are others when we want absolutely none of it. If you’re not one to consistently enjoy UV rays hitting your skin, a folding arm awning might just be the right outdoor fixture of you.

As the name suggests, folding arm awnings come with a folding arm technology which can be operated manually or through a crank. Its folding feature allows its users to enjoy a cloudy afternoon and a sunny one knowing that they can simply open it up when needed. 

Cafe blinds

Cafe blinds, or bistro blinds as they are alternatively called, are great for outdoor areas that are not reached by direct sunlight. They are transparent which allows you to enjoy your outdoor view without having to worry about wind and rain. 

Since most cafe blinds are made using clear PVC, exposing them to direct sunlight or extreme cold may cause it to shrink or stretch. This is why it must only be installed in locations where it cannot be reached by the sun to preserve the material’s integrity and ensure its longevity. 

They are generally easy to install and use, and can last for a long time when used properly. Cafe blinds are great for verandas or patios that are facing south and can complement any exterior design.

Choosing the right type of outdoor blinds

There are many different types of outdoor blinds and awnings available in the market — each has its own set of upsides and downsides. But when choosing which one to install in your outdoor area, remember to choose one that can provide the right kind of protection that you need.

If you want an open outdoor area where you can still enjoy the view of your garden, then cafe blinds are perfect for you. But if you need more sun protection and privacy from onlookers, awnings and tinted blinds might be better options. 

There are many blinds and awnings available in the market that are manufactured with excellent quality materials and unique designs. You can choose one that can complement the exterior design of your house and can provide for your needs for protection and privacy.

If you’re having trouble deciding what type of outdoor blinds to get, you can always ask manufacturers and distributors who have better knowledge about each product type. You’ll find that they’re better able to determine which type suits your needs and preferences, saving you the time and effort of having to do everything on your own. Once you find the right type of blinds for you, you can better enjoy your private time in your very own outdoor area. 

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