How Much Will Replacing My Front Door Cost?

When remodelingand shopping for a new front door, the factors that affect pricing can be overwhelming. Knowing what you can expect to spend on the low and high side can help you plan and shop more wisely. Door replacement costs will depend on a few things including the material of the door, installation costsand manufacturing quality of the door you choose. Purchasing a front door is more than just a simple decision; you are buying security for your home and beauty that will last for years to come.

Let’s talk about a few of the most popular door styles and materials, as well as the range of costs involved with the installation of your chosen door.

Fiberglass Doors

With Installation Range $500 and $2,000

These doors are usually more expensive on the spectrum but you get what you pay for. They generally come with a life time warranty, which is a big plus for most people.  You can have peace of mind knowing that your door will last a lifetime or get it replaced. The other plus to having a fiberglass door is that they require much less maintenance and attention from the owner.

Due to the material this door is created from, they can come in a variety of styles and may have the appearance of wood, or smooth and painted. Rustic, French style, mahogany and wrought iron are some examples. 

A bare fiberglass door (no mounting devices, locking devices or door handles) and no installation will cost you anywhere between $360 and $1,000, depending on the style and size you choose.

Wood Doors

With Installation Range $500 and $5,000

Solid Wood doors are widely accepted as the highest quality and desired door on the market, so much so that many other materials of doors try and match the natural beauty that comes with a solid wood door. Although nothing can exactly match the exquisite look of these doors, they require much more maintenance than other doors. Every 2 years they will need to be serviced, that could be painting/staining, minor repairs or just some touch ups. If these are not done routinely then the little problems will quickly grow into splitting, warping or rotting and require a full replacement.

The type of wood that is used in your exterior door will dictate the price, with harder more elegant woods driving up the price. Any custom hand carved features, the glass, or if it has sidelights, will also play into the price.

Generally, a bare wood door will cost between $350 and $4,000 without hardware or installation.

Steel Doors 

With Installation Range $500 and $1,500

These doors are typically on the lower side of the spectrum when it comes to cost. Though the savings is apparent,steel doors are usually limited in styles and colors. This can make it difficult to find the perfect match to your home. Then you have to consider the weather and temperature of the area you reside in because in the extreme heat they will absorb the warmth and swell and they can cause interior condensation if it is too cold outside. This can affect the structural integrity of the door and cause the need for extra maintenance or a premature replacement of the door.

Steel doors are secure and very durable, however they are prone to dents and dings, which can easily lead to rust if not taken care of promptly.

Steel doors prices will climb as you get into more decorative styles, colors and extras like sidelights.

Without installation or hardware, a Steel door will set you back between $280 and $1,800.

Wrought Iron Doors 

With Installation Range $1,500 and $12,000

These stunning, extremely sturdy and highly decorative doors are often a choice when savingmoney isn’t a factor. They commonly have steel or wood base and have intricate designs in the glass.  

If you want a moreintricate or custom designed wrought iron door, the price will climb even higher. Additions like sidelights, specific materials you may request and even the placement of the door can all add to the final cost of your purchase. 

A bare wrought iron door will cost you between $900 and $9,000

Installation costs for front doors:

There are several costs to consider when purchasing a door, but the second highest cost aside from the door itself is the installation cost. You will pay between $150 and $700 on average for the basic door installation. This will change with the style of door, material it is made from and whether or not it is a pre-hung door. Then you have to consider how the price will inflate due to repairs that may need to be done, usually to he home itself, and the hardware for the door ie. hinges, door knobs/handles and locking mechanisms.

Consider these possible extra costs when buying a front door:

  • New door installation: $150-$700
  • Painting/staining the door: $80-150
  • Removing the old door: $100
  • Waterproofing and sealing the new door: $80-$200
  • Framing, repairs, or reframing a doorway: $200-$800
  • Enlarging or modifying a doorway: $7-$16 per square foot
  • Electrical work for moving or modifying a doorway: $500
  • Door handles, knobs and locks: $10-$300
  • Hinges: $10-$20 (unless for a steel door, then they can be up to $500)

How long will it take to replace and install your front door?

This is dependent on the condition of your current doorway, if any repairs need to be made or modifications done. If you need to rerun the electrical, move outside lights or change placement of the door it will drag out the time needed to install the new door dramatically. A basic door installation will usually take close to 4 hours, the more complex doors taking up to a few days.

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