Modern Bathroom Tech Innovations You Won’t Want To Live Without

Bathroom tech innovations such as a top of the range shower system are all the rage right now. Home appliances are getting more modern and hi-tech by the day. The real estate market is driven by millennials that want things in the home simpler with more capabilities. Their focus is on minimizing the time they use to do daily tasks while enhancing their experiences.

Even if you are not a millennial, it’s a good idea to let go of the old school fixture in your home and install modern fittings. One great bonus for doing this is that you increase the value of your home. When you have to rent it out or sell it in the future, you will get a better rate for it than if you decide to leave it with old fittings and appliances.

Modern bathroom innovations are also a great way to save on resources in the home. You can minimize your water and electricity use just by changing a few crucial bath fittings. It’s advisable for any environmentally conscious person to have such energy and water saving fixtures in the home.

Some of the excellent bathroom tech innovations you can use in your home are;

1. Hi-Tech faucets

A great way to save on water in the bathroom is by installing hi-tech faucets. These can integrate into the shower system or work only at the sink area. They are faucets that use an infrared sensor to detect your hands or body any time you need to shower or wash your hands. You don’t have to turn the faucet on an off by hand. You just put your hands or anything else you need to wash under the faucet or shower and the water flows. Once you are finished, the water will shut off automatically.

– Sensory faucet with a timer

Also, you can get faucets that not only work using an infrared sensor but also have a timer. The timer allows you to set the amount of time that the water should run at any given time. It helps you to avoid wasting water as we often do when brushing our teeth. If you have children that like to play with water, this is a great way to discourage them from wasting water during bath time.

2. Face recognition bathroom system

If you use a bathroom with other family members, you know it’s annoying when you have to keep adjusting shower system controls. For example, you may like your shower lukewarm while your spouse wants it scalding hot. It is irritating when you have to keep changing the temperature and water pressure as well as light intensity in the bathroom to your liking. A great way to deal with this challenge is to install a bathroom face recognition system.

A bathroom face recognition system uses artificial intelligence ( AI) technology to control various aspects in the bathroom such as water use, water pressure, and lighting. Once the artificial intelligence system recognizes your face, everything will be set up as you prefer. You just input the preferred setting for each family member. It works great for children as well. You can set the amount of time they can have the water running during a bath, and even the temperature so they can have a shower alone without fear of injury or wastage of water.

3. Digital shower controls

If you cannot install the artificial intelligence system in your bathroom, maybe you can get a digital shower. Digital showers allow you to have total control of your shower experience. You can customize your shower experience as the shower controls will enable you to key in your preferences at any given time.

A digital shower system comes with a control pad that you use to key in your preferences. You don’t have to struggle with the shower knob to get the water temperature or pressure to your liking. They are attractive and clutter free giving your bathroom a sleek, beautiful look. No more protruding shower knobs and hanging shower cords, the interface is installed into the wall for a great finish.

Digital shower controls use a thermostat valve to get your water to the exact temperature you require. Many of them have a remote control so that you can key in your shower preference from the comfort of your bedroom and have the shower as you like it from the moment you put it on.

4. Hi-tech shower system

Apart from using digital shower controls, you can also enhance your bath experience by installing hi-tech shower systems. These are a variety of hi-tech solutions for your shower. For example, you can put in water conscious shower heads that allow you to minimize water while still enjoying your bath. They control the way the water comes out of the shower head to enhance your shower experience while reducing water use. Read more about shower system on this website.

If you like to bathe as you listen to music, how about installing a shower stereo. It is a showerhead with a wireless speaker inside it. It has blue tooth capabilities that allow you to stream your favourite music or listen to the radio as you bath or shower.

5. Hi-tech toilet

May be the greatest of all bathroom innovations is a hi-tech toilet. You can get hi-tech toilets with various capabilities. Some toilets self-clean after each use while others warm the toilet seat as well as spritz water for you to clean up after you are done using the bathroom.

You can also get a toilet that lights up in the dark to make it easy to use the facilities at night. Some hi-tech toilets even have sensors that lift the toilet seat up for you when you approach and put it down when you are done. You can buy a hi-tech toilet with as many or as few special features as you like. It’s all depends on what you prefer and your budget!

These are a few modern bathroom fixtures that you can install in your home. Whether you choose a top of the range shower system or swanky toilets, remember the idea is to enhance your experience. It’s even better if the items you pick can help you save on bills. Bottom line – these innovative bath fixtures are must-have for every home!

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