Tired of oil stained paints on your carpet? follow these tips

how to get oil based paint out of carpet,
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We make innumerable efforts to improve the look and feel of our living space. Painting is an easy, quick and effective way to get rid of all the old stains that have been preventing your room to achieve the desired look. If those are oil based paints, then you will have to make some conscious efforts. In the process of how to get oil based paint out of carpet, you may require a few of the cleaning tools and agents which we will discuss here. In other words, these steps will save you from the disappointment created by old stains at home.

A vacuum cleaner is an essential cleaning item

First, a vacuum cleaner you will need to remove the oil based paint out of carpet. Keep a dry white towel ready to be used in the process. If your cleaner is made for dry carpet, never try to vacuum the spot. You should wait till the removal procedure is completed and the carpet is dry. Otherwise, your cleaner will not function properly.

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How to get the stain removal done easily at home

Use a commonly found rubbing alcohol in the market and drop it in the towel. Now put the towel in the carpet fiber. Be careful of not letting this product to come in to contact with the base material of the carpet.

Keep ready a dry-cleaning solvent product as well. This should be administered the same way you apply the rubbing alcohol.

The Citrus solvent is another product you will need to get rid of the oil based paint out of carpet. Without diluting it, pour a few drops of it in a towel, and then put it in the carpet fiber. The applications and precautions of this product should be the same as mentioned above.

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Club soda to treat carpet stain

To treat oil based paint out of carpet club soda is a powerful product. A kind of carbonated water, this club soda will not harm the carpet base. You can slightly spray it on the spill, though you must not soak the carpet in it. The advantage of club soda is that it does not leave anything behind, and therefore you need not have to rinse it out.

Club soda to treat carpet stain

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A regular detergent you can use in the process of removing the oil based paint out of carpet and it should be mixed with two cups of lukewarm water. It should not contain any bleaching substance.

The Hydrogen peroxide is another useful material for this purpose. You can mix it with 3 tablespoons of warm water. However, it contains strong bleaching substance and therefore only recommended for light colored carpets only.

Take ¼ cup of Ammonia which should be mixed with warm water of 1 cup to release the oil based paint out of carpet. It also contains bleaching substance and therefore should be used with caution.

The White vinegar is also effective to remove the oil based paint out of carpet. Take ¼ cup of it mixing with 1 cup warm water. It is moderate in its acidic substance and hence not that harmful.

The actual process of removing the oil based paint out of carpet

Here is a complete step by step guidance

  • Use a device through which you can scrape and scoop up the paint on the edge. A spool will be an ideal item for this.
  • Vacuum up the excess stain
  • After that apply the rubbing alcohol. Alternatively, you can use dry cleaning chemicals and citrus drug to remove the oil based paint out of carpet.
  • Gently bloat up the carpet pile
  • Cleanse the carpet with warm water, do not soak
  • Again, vacuum up the stain. If you see the stain disappears, apply a regular detergent water and leave it for 5 minutes.
  • Now apply the hydrogen peroxide solution into the carpet and leave it for 30 minutes. With this, you should cover the stained area with a thick towel and do not let any light to come in. Otherwise, the light will change the chemical compounds of this solution and it will not help you to erase the oil based paint out of carpet. Keep checking the stain to see if the color changes.
  • Vinegar soda will also work if it is applied in the same manner.

Throughout the process, you must follow the rinsing step strongly. The benefit of rinsing is that it prevents the carpet to recollect dirt. Together, it helps to restore the natural pH balance. For rinsing, clean warm water should be preferred.

The actual process of removing the oil based paint out of carpet

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These useful tips about how to get oil based paint out of carpet will help you to remove most of the oil based stains at home.

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