Fabulous ways to get rid of cockroaches

best ways to get rid of cockroaches
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Cockroaches are pests which are not dirty but can be responsible for spreading germs and hence diseases. Once they find a way to enter your house, it can be very difficult to get rid of cockroaches.  Not only do they hover over food items but also damage books, wallpapers and several other things.  As soon as you see a cockroach in the house, take necessary action since there can be a whole colony of them hiding somewhere. The following are some of the most fabulous tips and ways to get rid of cockroaches.

1. Keep your house as clean as possible

The idea is to cut off their food and water supply. It is important that you keep your house and especially your bathroom and kitchen extremely clean. Do not leave any crumbs, leftovers and other particles in the kitchen and make sure you take out the trash everyday.  Hide and seal all the food items and try to cut off all kinds of water sources such as water leaks.  Cockroaches can survive without food but not without water.

keep your house clean to get rid of roaches

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2. Get cockroach baits to get rid of roaches

Another method which can help you control the cockroach population and get rid of them is to use cockroach baits. These are available in the market and consist of a poison which is mixed with a food item that attracts the roaches.  You must place the bait at a place where cockroaches are usually seen such as in the corners, under the sink etc.  This method is highly effective, eventhough it can prove to be time taking.

use baits to tackle with cockroaches

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3. Use insecticides to keep roaches away

Insecticides also prove to be very helpful when it comes to keeping cockroaches away. You can either spray store-bought insecticides in areas where you spot most cockroaches or make them at home.  For this you can make a solution of soap and water and use it once or twice everyday.

use insecticides to deal with cockroaches

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4. Use traps to tackle cockroaches

Another method which can be used in the pursuit of controlling cockroaches is to use traps.  Traps are easily available in the market and enable you to lure and then catch roaches using an adhesive.  They can be placed at the areas which cockroaches mostly frequent.  This method may be effective for just a small population of cockroaches but can be tried along with other ways.

You are now familiar with the top ways to deal with cockroaches. However after trying everything, you are still facing the pest invasion, you can contact a professional pest control and get a suitable professional pest control treatment done.  Besides this, you can identify the areas from where the roaches are entering the house and then seal those areas to prevent entry altogether.  Professional pest control is available in most places and proves to be a sure shot way to get rid of cockroaches.


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    Thanks for sharing this information with us regarding pest control. I really found you blog very helpful. And all the above tips are also very useful to control pest.

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    Cockroaches are very nuisance thing in nature they are really disturbing our day to day life. we should take help from pest control service. very nice blog thanks for sharing.

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