Skin care in rainy season: tips and ideas

skincare in rains
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Who doesn’t love the rainy season which makes the entire world around us turn beautiful? But it is hard to ignore the fact that the pleasant rains bring along some unpleasant things such as dirt, humidity and skin problems. Yes, your skin may have to bear the brunt of the rainy season which makes the air humid, thus leading to several skin problems. Some of these include acne, pimples and greasiness. If you are looking for some skin care tips and suggestions to avoid skin from turning oily, the following given information will really prove useful. So read on to find out.

1. Keep your skin well hydrated

The best way to keep your skin away from all the woes and problems caused during the rainy season, the best idea is to keep it hydrated. Follow the given tips for the same:

  • For this, drink a lot of water throughout the day on regular intervals. Water consumption not only avoids making the skin oily but also flushes out the toxins from the body and the skin.
  • Another way to keep the skin hydrated is to wash it several times a day.  You can use rose water as well to keep the oil away from the skin.
keep skin hydrated

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2. Use facial scrubs

Another way to take care of your skin during the rainy season is to scrub and exfoliate your skin regularly.  Given below is some more information on the same:

  • facial scrubs are important for people with oily skin type as scrubbing helps to get rid of excess oil from the face by unclogging the pores.
  • It also removes the dead cell layers that get accumulated.
  • It is better to use natural facial scrubs rather than ones with chemicals for better results.
facial scrubs

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3. Moisturize your skin well

Besides scrubbing and washing your face and skin, you must also moisturize it regularly.   Given below are some benefits of the same:

  • What moisturization does is that it keeps the outer layer of the skin hydrated properly and thus soft and supple.
  • Moisturized skin is unlikely to fall for common skin woes during the rainy season.
  • Use glycerine to moisturize your skin as it doesn’t cause any side effects and is free of chemicals.
moisturize your skin well

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4. Avoid heavy makeup products

During the rainy season, it is a good idea to avoid heavy make up products such as heavy foundations etc.  They do not let your skin breathe and may make it even more oily than it already is during the rains.  If you decide to use a foundation, make sure it is water based and not cream based.

5. Take care of your diet

It is very essential to take care of your diet as a part of skin care in rainy season. This can be done by following the given points:

  •  Focus more on eating fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day.
  • Moreover avoid the consumption of oily and fried food items.
  • Follow a proper diet and do not engage in consumption of junk foods.
healthy diet

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Now that you know the best ways for skin care in rainy season, you are unlikely to face the skin problems like acne etc you face every year during the monsoons.  So go on, treat your skin with all the love and care it deserves.

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