How to Unlock the Full Potential of Remote Home Care with Remote Medical Monitoring

remote medical monitoring through pc

Some non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and congestive heart failure require regular assessment to ensure that you are on track with your treatment. Most recently, there has been an uptake of the remote medical monitoring technology by physicians to assess patient health while at home. The increased use of this technology at the moment has been to reduce the number of hospital visits by patients with chronic diseases so that they do not contract diseases such as COVID 19 that would worsen a patient’s treatment outcomes. Well, in case you are wondering how relevant this technology is, this article is for you.

What is remote medical monitoring?

Remote patient monitoring is a method of providing healthcare that uses information technology to assemble patient data outside of a traditional healthcare setting. This approach works to increase patient’s access to healthcare in a remote area and reduce costs that would originally be incurred if one sought care in a clinical setting.

Components of the remote patient monitoring system

The technologies that make up this remote patient monitoring system are comprised of four components such as:

  • Sensors on a device linked to wireless communications that function to measure physiological parameters. 
  • Sensors are connected to a central database using WiFi.
  • A data storage unit at the patient’s site acts as an interface between sensors and a data repository unit accessible by a healthcare provider.
  • A central repository for storing data.
  • Diagnostic application software for treatment interventions and recommendations.

Application of remote patient monitoring

Numerous platforms use the remote patient monitoring system in the management of medical conditions. Some of these conditions include:

  • Diabetes: Initially, diabetic patients were required to visit the hospital quarterly to have their HbA1c measured. With the use of remote patient monitoring, real-time blood pressure and glucose readings can be shared with healthcare providers who will then intervene if the need arises.
  • Congestive heart failure: Remote patient monitoring has been observed to increase the quality of life, reduce the patient stay in the hospital, reduce mortality rate and enhance the patient-physician relationship.
  • Dementia and falls: Patients with dementia are prone to falls which makes routine surveillance essential. This technology is currently being installed in assistive mobility devices like canes to alert caregivers when patients fall.
  • Heart diseases: Patients with heart diseases now have access to wearable heart monitors that are linked to smartphones which relay data to the treating cardiologist. 

There has been a breakthrough in the use of remote patient monitoring for other health conditions such as infertility and prisons systems and the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

Benefits of remote patient monitoring

The use of this technology enables doctors to monitor their patient’s health status by giving them data that they can use to:

  • Respond to alarming trends or readings that they detect.
  • Make adjustments to patient’s medication to improve their health outcomes.
  • Monitor patient’s adherence to treatment.
  • Minimize hospital visits.
  • Prioritize resources to patients who require them the most.
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive outlook on a patient’s health.
  • Reduce manual collection of data.

How to inform your patients about remote monitoring

Communication between patient and provider has proven to be critical in healing. Remote monitoring devices help develop trust, which is why they’re an important part of any medical practice today! But undoubtedly in order for the patients to become aware of these devices and how to use them, you should hold meetings with them to inform and guide them on how to use them at home. Or alternatively, you can hire a freelance science writer to write proper guides so your patients get knowledgeable about remote monitoring devices.

Top remote patient monitoring devices

Since the inception of this technology in the market, several companies have continued to develop these remote home care products. Among them are: 

  • GYANT: This Company has been developing chat-based products that collect and analyze patient’s medical records. Within minutes, GYANT’s processes information and provides you with self-care advice and referral to appropriate healthcare centers.
  • Medopad: The unique thing about Medopad is that it partners with top hospitals to manage patient’s complicated diseases. Importantly, it is MHRA registered and CE-marked.
  • Chronisense Medical: This organization develops wearable devices that measure vital signs and other health factors. The advantage of these devices is that they do not interfere with the patient’s daily activity. 
  • Ejenta: The Company is committed to building a personal assistant platform to be used in various sectors to provide customized advice, support, and coaching to patients. At present, Ejenta uses artificial technology and runs NASA’s Mission Control for the International Space Station.

Final thoughts 

Traditional healthcare is at the moment facing the impact of digital transformation with the emergence of tools such as remote patient monitoring devices. These tools have come to streamline healthcare making it easy for doctors to monitor their patients while giving them control over their health. From the look of things, remote patient monitoring devices will be the future of outpatient clinics!

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