How long do the effects of chikungunya last and remedies to treat them

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Chikungunya is a disease which is caused due to the biting of an infected mosquito. This disease affects people all across the world but it is mostly prevalent in tropical areas including Asia and Middle East. There is no definite cure or treatment of the condition but there are ways to ease the symptoms. Most symptoms of the disease are short termed however there are some which may last longer and even up to a few months. It is important to know how long do the effects of Chikungunya last to prepare for it and also the remedies to treat them and recover faster.  This is why we have brought you this article which tells you the recovery time of the symptoms, both short term and long term. Here it goes:


1. Acute phase of Chikungunya


The acute phase of this disease is the phase where the patient experiences the symptoms of the disease. In the case of chikungunya:

  • One may experience no symptoms at all during the first 12 days after being bitten.
  • But once they begin to appear, it may take 10 days for them to end.
  • The fever caused during this disease lasts from the 3rd day to the 7th day whereas joint pain takes 1 to 3 weeks to resolve as it may spread from one joint to another.
  • In some cases, joint pain can take up to a year to completely go away.
  • Rashes may take about 1 to 4 days to subside and begin to appear 3 to 5 days after the fever starts.
recovery from chikungunya

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2. The sub acute phase of Chikungunya

The sub acute phase is the phase of Chikungunya which happens about 1 to 3 months after the ending of the acute phase. This phase is mainly linked with:

  • Arthritis or joint pain which the patient experiences during these months.
  • However during this time, a disorder of the blood vessels such as Reynaud’s can also affect the patient.
joint pain during Chikungunya

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3.  The Chronic phase of Chikungunya

This is the phase which starts three months after the initial onset of the disease.  This phase is marked by :

  • The continuation of the symptoms of joint pain.
  • About one third of the patients experience joint pain for about 4 months and 15% experience it for about 20 months whereas the rest 12% experience it for about three to five months.
  • Some people complain of stiffness in the joint for even about 12 months.


Remedies to treat the effects of chikungunya

take proper rest to treat Chikungunya

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The best remedy to treat the effects of chikungunya is to take enough rest.  The treatment involves symptom management and rest helps to avoid aggravating the symptoms. Besides this, the following are some proven remedies to relieve the symptoms:

  • You can apply cold pack in order to reduce inflammation and pain.
  • You can also take pain medication but only after taking consultation from the doctor.
  • Exercising is also a good method to relieve joint pain.  Exercises help to strengthen muscles around the joints which help to reduce stiffness and pain.

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  • As far as rashes are concerned, you can ask your doctor to recommend skin creams and lotions to you to get rid of skin irritation.
  • It is important to pay attention to your diet and include foods which can help flush the infection out of the body. Intake of fluids is extremely necessary besides having green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits and colorful vegetables. You must include foods rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A in your diet as these help you recover faster from the symptoms of Chikungunya.
  • It is recommended that those suffering from Chikungunya must consume Giloy juice or tablets everyday as it has anti inflammatory and anti arthritic properties. Giloy also has anti microbial properties due to which it aids quick recovery.
  • Juice obtained from Papaya leaves is also known to help with the treatment of Chikungunya. One must include this in the diet on a daily basis till symptoms improve.
fluids and juices

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Now that you know how long do the effects of chikungunya last and remedies to treat them, you are better equipped to deal with the condition. To avoid getting bitten by the Aedes Mosquito, you must keep your surroundings absolutely clean and do not let water collect anywhere. For complete home cleaning solutions, you can get in touch with Mr. Right services.



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