4 Common problems with home theater & their diagnosis

Common problem with home theater system

A home theater makes your viewing experience just wow. The high picture quality and great surround sound makes you feel that the movie has come alive. But like any other electronic device you can also face some problems with home theater and need repair.

Home theater repair

The most common issues with the home theater system are:

Home theater not turning on: It is a very common problem with home theater. A home theater system looks attractive from the front but has jungle of wires at the back. Many times during dusting and cleaning the important wires and cables get accidentally detached from the power outlet. Due to this detachment the system does not turn on. So thoroughly check the connection of cables and wires with the power outlet before calling a technician. Also check the battery of the remote control. If the batteries are dead, replace them with new ones.

Poor picture Quality: Sometimes it happens that the TV starts normally but after sometime the picture get distorted or discolored. To diagnose this issue, switch off the TV and unplug the cable carrying signal to the TV from the power outlet. Keep it in off mode for a minute and then plug it back and turn the power on. If it does not work connect the TV with other cable and check the picture quality. If the picture quality improves, it means that the problem was in the cable. If not, connect the TV with some other medium like play station or Xbox. If the picture is still distorted, this mean that the TV needs a repair.

Poor Sound or no sound at all: This is another common issue with home theater. In such situations first check whether the speaker is connected to the power outlets. Also check the remote control setting as sometimes we mute the sound. If that does not work, replace the cable carrying power to the speaker. But if the speaker does not produce sound, it is quite possible that your speaker needs repair.

No Signal from the home theater: A good quality home theater has multiple devices connected to each other like a TV, DVD player, cable box, speakers, stereos etc. In no signal situation go through each input device connected to the system, ensuring that the settings of each device is correct and matches with the manufacturer’s and service provider’s recommendation.

Other common problems with home theater can be DVD disc not playing, HDMI connection not working.

If the above diagnosis does not help you, it is best to contact an electronics repair professional. Home theater system is little complicated to deal and so it is recommended to take help of experienced technicians.

One advice is to keep the user guide or manual that you get with your home theater. It can be of great help in such situations.

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    4 Common problems with home theater & their diagnosis

    1. No sound coming out of the speakers:
    First, check to make sure the speakers are connected properly and all cables are secure. If the cables seem secure, then the issue may be with the audio source. Check to make sure the device or media source is connected properly and the volume settings are not muted or set too low. If the source device is functioning correctly, there may be an issue with the AV receiver or amplifier. Check these components for any problems and ensure they are setup correctly.
    2. Poor picture quality:
    If you are experiencing a poor picture quality, check to make sure the cables and connection between the source device and display device are secure. It is also possible that the source device or display device may be set to the wrong resolution. Check to make sure the settings are correct. Also, check to make sure there are no external obstructions around the TV that could be blocking the signal.
    3. Audio and video is out of sync:
    If the audio and video are out of sync, the issue may be related to the settings of the device or media source. Check the settings to make sure they are correctly set. Also, check to make sure the cables between the source device and display device are connected correctly. If the issue persists, there could be an issue with the AV receiver or amplifier. Make sure these components are setup properly.
    4. Remote is not working:
    First, check the batteries of the remote and replace them if necessary. It is also possible that the remote may be out of range from the receiver. Make sure the remote is within 25 feet of the receiver for it to function properly. The remote may also be programmed to operate another device. Check the receiver setup to make sure the device is programmed correctly. If all of these steps are correct, then the remote may be defective and need to be replaced.

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    I have home theater dh6430 that failed to produce sound, go off by itself after 20seconds power on and took like three press to power on . Please what could be the problem?

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    My jiepak home theater when connected it with my startime it bring out no signal and it disconnect it cable it will show normally.. Pls help me

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