4 basic diagnosis for your television before calling a technician!

Common problems with television

Has it ever happened to you that you called a TV technician for a repair and after diagnosis it came out that the problem was in the remote control settings and not in your TV. But you ended up paying a big amount to him. This means that not all problems with your television require professional help. Sometimes problems are too small to call a TV technician and can be solved by yourself. You just need to go back to the basics. So next time before reaching your telephone and calling a professional service provider, perform the below fundamental diagnosis for your television and try to repair your idiot box yourself.

Troubleshooting common TV problems

1. Go to the very basic level: Your television is an electronic device which requires electricity for operation. So check  whether your TV  is properly plugged in or not. Are all the cables plugged at the right place? Is the socket working or not?  Unplug you TV and plug in a working lamp into it. If the lamp does not works it mean that the problem is in the socket and not in your TV. So call an electrician.

2. Check your remote: Check you remote control and general television settings. Sometime we press wrong buttons or change the settings of sound and picture. Many times our kids do it for fun or out of curiosity. So check all the remote control and television settings. Or sometimes you remote just need battery/cell replacements and that is why your TV is not turning on.

3. Let your TV breath: Our televisions emit  heat when in operation and require air vent from the top and back. But very often we use our TV cabinet as storage unit or a tea table. This clutter around TV vent causes over heating. And due to this overheating the TV shuts downs or doesn’t  function properly. So give some space to your TV and let it breath for living.

4. Unplug your TV and plug in your Xbox: Many times the picture quality gets distorted. The problem can be in TV or the set- top box or in the cable connection. So before calling a TV technician, unplug the cable connection and connect the TV with other picture source like a DVD player or a blue ray or a gaming console like Xbox . If the picture quality gets to normal, then the problem is in your cable connection or set top box and not in your TV and vice -versa. So call your cable connection provider not a TV technician.

If you wish to read more on Television problems refer to “4 common problems with your television

But if you discover that the problem is in your television call for professional help.

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