7 most common problems with CRT TV and their possible diagnosis

Common problems with CRT TV

CRT (cathode-ray tube) television sets have gone down in popularity with the introduction of large screen, slim and flat LEDs and LCDs. However, there are many consumers who still have their CRT sets and are satisfied with them. But many problems often relate to the picture quality, picture color and clarity and sound quality of these CRTs. Sometimes the cost of repairing such problems in the CRT TV exceeds the cost of replacing it with a new TV.

 Here are some common CRT TV problems and their diagnosis:

CRT television has no image

CRT TV Picture problem

No image is a very common problem with cathode ray tube TVs. If you are facing such issue then check the obvious things first i.e. verify whether your TV is plugged in correctly and is receiving sufficient power for operation. If the power is OK, then check the video settings (like brightness, sharpness, contrast and picture settings). If the settings are fine then there can be problem in the video cable and hardware. If the basic diagnosis comes out fine then it might be the time to call a professional TV repair person. (Picture Source: www.overclockers.com)

Bowed picture or images not lined up

CRT TV repair

This is a very common picture problem with CRT TVs. It is usually caused by the  failure of an internal circuit called the convergence circuit. The circuit has convergence ICs, which when go bad create the problem of bowed picture.  Sometimes bad or faulty  soldered-in fuses and resistors can also cause image distortion. A technician or a PRO can easily repair this sort of problem in-home. (Picture Source: www.justanswer.com)

CRT displays one horizontal line in the center when turned-on

CRT TV display problem

Many time it happens that there appears a single thin horizontal line on the CRT TV screen. The probable cause of this problem can be a faulty yoke with a defective or burned coil inside it. The other probable cause can be loose contact between the yoke and the main board. The third possible cause can be a defective capacitor. (Picture Source: www.static.myce.com)

Single vertical line in the center of screen

Picture problem in CRT TV

Some time when you power on your CTR TV you see a single thin vertical line on the screen. The probable cause of this problem can be a faulty yoke with a defective or burned coil inside it. Other reason can be defective vertical ICs. The ICs may have lost contacts with solder joints because of the heat production during operation. (Picture Source: www.jestineyong.com)

CRT TV crackles when powered up or emits a strong electrical odor

CRT monitor repair

This is not a very common problem. The most prominent reason is cathode ray tube failure. The minor crackling noise is due to high voltage arcing. The possible reason behind the burning smell is caused by insulation burn. In such situation, immediately unplug the TV from the power outlet. Call a professional TV repair person and get it corrected.

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Colorful shadows on the sides

Shadow problem in CRT TV

Whether you have a CRT TV or owned it before, you must have witnessed at some point of time, a colorful shadow on the sides of the screen (can be seen as reddish orange shadow in the picture). It is mainly due to presence of any magnetic device near the TV. Magnets placed near a CRT can damage the set’s “shadow mask,” which can cause the wrong colors to appear in that area. (Picture Source: humphreykimathi.blogspot.com)

Cathode Ray tube

Shadow mask is located behind the glass screen, as shown in the above graphical Cathode Ray Tube picture. High-power magnets can sometime cause permanent damage to the CRT. (Picture Source: www.wiztech.wikispaces.com)

Bad sound or no sound from the TV

No sound or less sound is a commonly heard problem with CRT TVs. The most possible reason is faulty speakers. Other reasons can be damaged audio amplifier, a low supply voltage to the amplifier or a faulty audio IC. There can be other reasons as well like some faulty internal wiring.

Other frequent problems with CRT TV are loss of vertical sync and loss of horizontal sync in the picture. (Picture source: www.ronelex.com)

CRT TV sound Problem

Problems with CRT TV remote

If you’re facing problems with TV not responding to remote inputs, first replace the batteries! If the TV still isn’t responding, there’s a problem with the remote. In this case, it is better to replace the remote instead of repairing it. Below are some CRT TV compatible remotes that we recommend.


If your CRT TV is troubling you with the picture problems, sound problem or any other issue, connect with Mr. Right.

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For more information on consumer electronics functionality and care  visit Ideas by Mr. Right

 (Cover Picture source: www.blogs.which.co.uk)

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  1. 1

    Hi I have an old Zenith TV
    Suddenly it stopped working, I have a black screen, no cahnnels
    I changed the Comcast with a new box, Have a new remote control,
    but nothing…
    Thank you

  2. 2

    I have an LG CRT TV, It is perfect and it has a perfect picture quality. Its sound is perfect but some times we see some fluctuation in sound. It becomes high and some times it becomes too low to hear. Please provide us with some solution. If possible you can arrange a doorstep visit by your technician.

  3. 3

    The right side of my CRT TV’s [JVC model no. AV-27230] screen is brighter than the left side, of the screen. How can I fix this? Thank you kindly

  4. 4

    Iv’e got a 21 inch Sony Trinitron from 1999. I’m nearly certain its not a faulty tube because the picture is pretty good for a tv its age, but the problem is i could have the tv on for maybe 6 hours and all of a sudden the screen goes black and but the sound stays on. I turn it off and on again maybe 3 or 4 times and the picture comes back again same as before and it may do the same thing again after so many hours. What would the problem be.?

  5. 5

    Iv’e got a 21 inch Sony Trinitron from 1999. I’m nearly certain its not a faulty tube because the picture is pretty good for a tv its age, but the problem is i could have the tv on for maybe 6 hours and all of a sudden the screen goes black and but the sound stays on. I turn it off and on again maybe 3 or 4 times and the picture comes back again same as before and it may do the same thing again after so many hours. What would the problem be.?

  6. 6
  7. 7

    I have a Toshiba 27A40. I have had the horizontal line issue mentioned in the article. However, after about 2 weeks, the issue went away and the picture is back (with no action taken). Can you suggest what might be causing this “temporary” issue? I am trying to decide whether to replace the TV or not. My preference would be to keep it, but only if it has a reasonable long life yet. Thank you.

  8. 8

    My 21 inch crt samsung tv of a model of 2005 with woofers and twin tweezers were running fine until few months when it started flickering at the rate of 1 flicker per 10 sec.As the tv ran continuously the rate dropped.The pic quality was same as a new one.But today when I started it showed red screen and then when I restarted it was not displaying anything,the display felt dead but the audio was fine.What can be done?I want this crt tv to run again gorgeously as it is a gem of tv.

  9. 9

    My tv is 14″ toshin. Screen looks blue, when i switch on the tv, screen looks blear image for some seconds but after some seconds it becomes full blue screen, but sound system, channel changing, volume up-down are ok.What is the problem?

  10. 10

    this is probably some of the worst advice on half of the CRT issues. older CRT television sets rarely ever suffer from yoke coil burn out, vertical line is pretty rare too, horizontal line is almost always a failed capacitor that may have taken out a resistor or burned up the IC controlling the vertical sweep, this is semi common. magnetism is either due to close magnets mentioned above or a built in degauss coil failure, a bad solder joint is first suspect, further diagnosis is needed past that, resistor, capacitor or some other failure.
    the picture with all the red all over it would be an internal issue with the video feed from the tuning or input circuit to the primary input for the crt inside the tv, poor connections result in snow in the background or hum bars from interference. modern CRT’s were built with poorly constructed flybacks and CRT’s, flyback issue results in arcing sound by the flyback, CRT’s that didn’t have a good vacuum pulled on them in construction fail by going dark and streaking colors sometimes. arcing in the neck of the tube is rare unless a component fails that brings the voltage to the crt neck up. sometimes the tv will loose one color entirely, this is a shorted electron gun or its pathway on the board. another common fault is the TV just wont come on anymore, this is a failure in the power supply, old power supplies used diodes to flip the alternating current into pulses of direct current which was smoothed out by a large capacitor (probably the largest one in the set) some had IC’s to assist, modern units may have had switching power units. in both cases the capacitor probably failed and took out the diodes and possibly the IC if present. another thing that can cause a tv to not power on or power itself off is a bad solder joint or protection circuitry killing it due to excessive HV.

    this is of course after all usual methods have been tried, bad cord, improper user adjustments, lose connections etc.

    early 2000’s Chinese manufacturers made very poor capacitors that failed rapidly, within months or a year or so, some of these survived into the late 2000’s they are all just about gone now.

    Older sets from 80s back can have issues with multiple capacitors just due to age, environment kept in, and internal design flaws causing heat near capacitors without high temp capacitors used. these sometimes require a complete capacitor replacement (larger ones especially)

    anything in the 60s or before should never be plugged in, inspected for wax paper caps, and “bumblebees” wax caps in a hard round shell, ones not round but tear drop shaped on the side running lengthwise are usually ok, in these sets you should also replace all the other capacitors, you can sometimes get away with keeping the large filter in perfect scenarios, however this is a gamble, these sets will almost surely be complete tube sets, meaning the chassis is full of small tubes, this kind of restoration should be left to a professional.

    • 11

      I have a Sanyo TV which served me well until I moved to a different location. Whenever I connect the decoder, I have to touch and press the connectors at the back of the tv before the picture shows up. The picture sometimes gets dim and disappears then I have to press down on the connectors again. Any help would be appreciated

    • 12

      I have a Toshiba 27A40. I have had the horizontal line issue mentioned in the article. However, after about 2 weeks, the issue went away and the picture is back (with no action taken). Can you suggest what might be causing this “temporary” issue? I am trying to decide whether to replace the TV or not. My preference would be to keep it, but only if it has a reasonable long life yet. Thank you.

  11. 13

    Hi, I have a 21″ AIWA make CRT TV bought in 1999. It has served me well so far. Since 6 months, I find about 12 white horizontal lines on top portion of the screen.How can I get rid of these lines?

  12. 15

    Hello, Mr. Right, I have a Toshiba combination tv/dvd player. It was made in 2005 and it served me beautifully until 2012, when the electricity was disconnected at that location. After moving some six months later, it did not power on again. I have kept it because I may be able to get more use out of it. Also, I have three other tvs that may have useful parts that the Toshiba can use. Thanks in advance.

  13. 16
    • 17

      power supply is not filtering out AC correctly, it needs repaired, large cap most common failure in my opinion, but I’m guessing here since I don’t see the actual video of it myself

  14. 18

    I have 21″ LG FLATRON TV in which screen size showing only in middle means screen size decreased.

    what is the solution ?

    Ratan 9042304088

  15. 19

    I have a 29” Panasonic flat screen crt tv, high sound occurs when I turn it on . There is no picture seen on screen. What is the problem ?

  16. 20

    sharp14″tv using ic tda 9370 it seem picture with retrace line . I checked screen volt and video output volt are ok

    • 21

      retrace lines as in angled vertical lines, my guess is the screen control on the flyback was turned up to accommodate a failing CRT tube, could be something else though

  17. 22

    Beko 26 inch T V – bottom of screen cut off (LOSE BOTTOM HALF of any moving ‘Ticker Tape )
    Where is the Vertical control ?

  18. 23
    • 24

      Hi Ben,
      Please perform the steps mentioned under ‘CRT TV has no image’. If you still have
      the problem, it will be better to call a professional TV repair person.
      Kanishk Karhana
      Ideas Blog Team

  19. 25
  20. 26
  21. 27

    Thanks for sharing the best information on this topic. You made a good site and giving us such a great and useful stuff on this topic. I am impressed with your site and also with your articles.

  22. 28
  23. 29

    my problem on my TV is …when i enter the an arrow that is …it was goes down after it happens …no more cgnals and the remote control can’t use ….it wasn’t use anymore……..what should i do??? please……help me on this…..

  24. 30

    My tedelex tube with flat screen show image when switch on but show but at the bottom of the screen the image look cropped for example the its like the bottom of the images shrink

  25. 31

    I have Onida old Tv ky thunder which is turn off after few minutes automatically what is the solution of the plz reply me

  26. 32

    I have India old Tv ky thunder which is turn off after few minutes automatically what is the solution of the plz reply me

  27. 33
    • 34

      The problem of my 21 inches samsung colour tv is its automatically getting OFF after sometime. when I switched ON again its getting ON for a few minutes and automatically again getting OFF. will you please rectify the fault of my TV.

      • 35
        • 36

          Bad solder joint, or safety power down due to arcing or excessive high voltage, you would need to inspect it all, probably an experienced tech would be needed.

          also check to make sure nobody spilled coke on the power button lol :)

  28. 37

    I have onidasilver slim set. There is appearing a bright single horizontal line and it vanishes itself after sum time but now it is frequently appearing. Sumtimes it lasts for an hour. What should I do?

  29. 38

    Hi guys I have a CRT TV with failed board I want to buy a new board. So please help me how to choose a PCB for my TV . And the small and large tubes of a TV make any difference in motherboards ?

    • 39

      you have to order the complete exact replacement, probably near impossible, you could rob it from the exact same model that has cosmetic damage, or in reality its not a “motherboard” like a pc, they are unique to each model or a few models, its toast unless you want to repair your current board or find one somewhere (probably impossible or on an already good set)

  30. 40

    I have an HP p1230 monitor that I game on. When I play top-down 2D scrollers (Zelda like games) the screen distorts at the boarders. Vertically there is stretching that is almost unnoticeable at the bottom, then gets worse as it approaches the top, where the last few inches the stretching goes crazy (seems like non-linear behavior).

    Horizontally there is a slight compression at the edges that gradually normalizes toward the center of the screen.

    I tried tweaking all convergence and linearity settings, but they had little to no effect.


  31. 41
  32. 42

    ARMCO 21 inch tv doesn’t switch with standby, farthermost it heats the audio area and blocks power from the supply and the 110 vlts to the h out reduses to less than 70 vlts but the h out is ok. plz help!

  33. 43
  34. 44

    I have Samsung Plano 21”. Having red green blue shadow on corners of screen…plz help me out…i can do it my self…I am Industrial Electronic Technician.

  35. 47
  36. 48

    I have a Toshiba flatron tv. It’s pictures goes off suddenly but sound comes. After some time, pictures reappear again. Can anyone suggest the problem and solutions.

  37. 49

    I have Hitachi TV (CRT) which I bought 16 years ago and was working fine until few months ago but now when tv switched on, it takes 5-6 minutes to show the picture, however, sound comes immediately. No any other problem. Please help me to come out from this problem. I studied electronic and I think I solve this problem on my own if suggested any solution. Thanks!

    • 50

      years ago I had a 70’s set when I was in my teens, it worked perfect but took the picture a long time to get up to full brightness, I found out a large capacitor in silver elongated (ac filter style) had completely exploded, it worked fine so I took it out lol, probably why I found it by the dump, the bang scared the original owner, I was a noob back then

  38. 51
  39. 52
  40. 53

    just a bit of advice i highly recomend NOT OPENING YOUR TV!!!! my grandfather use to work on them and there is enough electricity inside even when unplugged to kill you if you touch the wrong thing. the warning signs that say high risk of electrical shock are there for a purpose. when my grandpa was old he gave me his big heavy 32 inch tv as he was dying soon. at that time those were around the biggest sizes. but the tv was going back the picture of the tv would shrink almost into nothing or a dot etc. he told me there is a knob inside the tv you can tweak but to be extremely carefull to not touch anything else. i tweaked this knob and got a extra year of life out of the tv before it completey went black. new tvs now are so cheap in price you can get a 50 inch 4k for around 500 bucks. usually new technology runs around 4 grand but tvs have been extremely cheap. i just bought 2 32 inch tvs for my security cameras. it only cost me 300 total and they weigh 10 pounds

  41. 54

    Hi i have samusng slimfit crt tv 54cm and problem is like your second picture Bowed picture or images not lined up , only my is colors is clear. I open tv but there is no crusty, discolored parts. Can you hellp me what is problem where to look? Thank you.

  42. 55
  43. 56

    Hello I have Sony Bravia 21″. It is showing the colors but shades have changed. Everything else is ok. How to resolve this ?

  44. 57

    Hi I own a 25″ Dynora CRT TV, which suddenly goes completely blank, no picture and no sound, and comes back to normal after some time, which is again uncertain. My mother who is 76 mostly watches and keeps getting annoyed often. At times she keep tapping (like a slap) on all the sides of the TV, when suddenly the picture and sound come back to normal again. Can anyone suggest a remedy please???

  45. 58
  46. 59

    sir ,i have a HAIR tv which power on but no picture and no sound ,but after few minit sound and picture ok,sir i could not fix that problem,so please help me

  47. 60
  48. 61
  49. 62

    Can we switch on colour TV without picture tube, to test the SMPS powersupply 110Vdc and 18Vdc.

    If possible, please tell me the procedure.

  50. 63

    Have a CRT tv connect with tatasky dth. All of sudden a week before, brightness rapidly changed down that could not see the images and just look dark. To add, the digital picture quality changed to cable kind quality. When asked ts, say problem with tv. how to rectify this brightness prob?

  51. 64
  52. 65

    Problem with my TV is that, its off automatically with louder and longer sounds (Different). After some time, when we switch on TV, its became ON, but after some time its off with same pattern. Its ON time is vary from seconds to few hours.

    • 66

      not sure why you used my name lol, all I can say is its either bad solder joint or some kind of protection mode, failed relay, or bad power button or rotary switch if its old enough

  53. 67
  54. 68
  55. 69

    Can anyone help me in solving my TV Problem.

    Problem is whenever i switch on the tv it opens with a channel and it cant be changed. And if i make my remote to change means the TV gets switched off and at once it Switch on automatically. Whatever buttons are pressed the same issue is happened. kindly help me with a reply.

  56. 70

    Hello, my CRT tv is displayign gray flickering pixels. The vhs player that controls the tv shows the correct stations. All things are plugged in. Please advise.

  57. 71

    If there is a single horizontal line, it means there is a fault in vertical section. Normally it is caused due to either or several of the followings: 1. vertical yoke failure, a very very low chance
    2. Vertical IC failure
    3. No supply to vertical IC
    4. Coupling capacitor failure.

    If there is a vertical line, the horizontal yoke connection will have gone bad (dry solder, connector pulled out), H coupling capacitor gone bad or loose contact. Very rarely Horizontal yoke goes bad.

    • 72

      that’s a very good answer, I’m not sure where this signs of crt failure post came from, I was searching for images specifically trying to isolate or at least take a guess if my zenith chromacolor II had a worn crt or a fault worth recapping the entire set, it was in use for a long time so even though ive heard these delta gun tubes were very good, its still possible mine is just at EOL

  58. 73
  59. 74
  60. 75
  61. 76

    CRT displays one horizontal line in the center when turned-on. but after 30-50 minute picture show naturally. whats the problem . please solve and give me answer. Did I exchange the TV before,,,?

  62. 77

    I have one Onida color TV . One day TV ON condition thunder storm shock is happens, I opened that circuit board and saw, in that some components and tracks are all blown up.
    So I decided to plan change with new PCB which is suitable for that.
    Wires and all connected to CRT tube using remote switched ON the TV set but small switching sound is coming form tube but tube is blank condition only.
    May I know what is the reason for this. Please help me to resolve this issue.


    • 78

      Dear Friends, I have LG FLATRON CRT TV, the picture is rolling down. what to do ? its not standing center, its going down. I changed some e-capacitors, but no use. If i change the Vertical IC, the problem will solve? or what to do? Thanks to all in advance…….. The problem is crt tv vertical sync lost, please help me

  63. 79

    LED have lower requirements but in turn they are more efficient in turning the power to light with minimum heat loss. Thus, the heat generated from the LED Tvs are nearly minimum as compared to other types

  64. 80

    I have present problem on sharp GA4M chassis with vertical bar on left side of screen, creating more/double image on screen. power supply filters did not solve the problem. Hope you can give me possible solutions on this,,

  65. 81

    I had a TV from 1983 with a CRT failure, i.e. the crackling when turned on. I was going to keep the TV thinking it was just a quirk of the TV. But after reading this article I’ll take it to a recycling center. Thank you for writing this article, I very much appreciate this helpful information. I’m glad my house did not burn down.

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