7 enemies of your wooden furniture

Tips to take care of wooden furniture

Furniture is an integral part of every household. A good piece of wooden furniture is not only useful but it also adds beauty to your home. You spend lot of time and money on buying furniture for your home. Regular care and maintenance keeps wooden furniture  in good shape for a very long time. It is very necessary to know about the things that damage your furniture or in dramatic word “enemies” of your wooden furniture.

There are 7 popular enemies of your wooden furniture:

  1. Water

    Water is the biggest enemy of wood. It causes swelling and staining of furniture. Therefore wood should never get wet or soaked in water. Never use wet cloth for furniture dusting. If accidentally water spills over the furniture, immediately wipe it and dry the surface.

  2. Humidity

    Wood is very sensitive to humidity. As weather changes, the humidity level in your home also changes. This variation in humidity changes the moisture content of the wood furniture. As a result of this variation the furniture contacts and expands. High moisture content causes the wood to swell and excessive dryness causes wood to split and crack. Therefore it is very important to maintain the correct humidity level in your home. Use air conditioners and dehumidifiers to keep humidity under control.

  3. Direct Sunlight

    The UV content of the sunlight damages the finish of the wooden furniture.  Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight cracks the finish of the surface. So keep the furniture away from direct sunlight. Use thick drapes, blinds and window shades in your room to protect your furniture from direct sunlight.

  4. Heat

    Placing hot item on the wooden surface damages the finish of wood and leaves permanent white marks or spots on the exposed area. Also excessive heat from the laptops or desktops damages the finish of the table and causes wood to crack. Always use coasters and thick mats to avoid direct contact of hot items with wood.

  5. Chemicals

    Things like nail polish remover, alcohol, ammonia products, perfumes etc. are very cruel on your wooden furniture. They take away the shine and finish of the wood and leave a permanent ugly white mark on your exclusive furniture. Therefore it is recommended to use hot mats and coasters on your table and desk when your are dealing with such item.

  6. Sharp Object

    What to say about sharp object like knives, forks, blades etc. They are very harsh on your wooden items and leave ugly scratches. So always lift and do not slide such objects on your furniture.

  7. Termites

    Your expensive furniture is an easy food for these parasites. Protect your furniture from them. To read more about termites and their prevention refer to “3 conditions in your home that attract termites” and “11 guidelines for termite prevention”

Take care of your furniture, as they are big investment. A good care will give them a long life.

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    Yes, it is. One thing we encounter at Southern Highlands Carpentry are furniture that needs to be repaired and remodel. Good thing, we did a great job! Thanks for this!

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    Wooden furniture is best to give a nice interior look to your home. I personally like it very much. But to maintain its beauty for longer time, It requires maintenance. Thanks for sharing this post.

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    Wooden Furniture is best way to decor your home.But it takes a lot of caring to keep its beauty. We also provide teak wood furniture and teak wood is famous for long lasting and durability.Thanks for sharing your ideas!!!

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    Hi Divya,
    Using table coasters and thick mats is really a useful tips which everyone should follow to avoid damages. No doubt whatever furniture you are adding to your home it’s important that you should do proper cleaning of it after regular interval of times. It is better to take some preventive measures at right time to avoid damage to furniture.

    The post is really an interesting read for those who use wooden furnitures especially new home buyers who are looking to buy wooden furniture for home decor and needs or have bought it. Water and humidity can create a big problem on your wooden furniture. Use a soft cloth to wipe dust and dirt or use some paper towels. One of the important things is to follow the furniture care tips as mentioned or suggested by the company as there are different types of wood used for furniture making. Hire a professional for wooden furniture cleaning if you are not sure of the cleaning process. Use mats and covers etc to protect your wooden furniture from dust, grim and spills of items etc wherever possible.

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