Dropped camera lens? Here’s what to do

dropped camera lens
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A camera is an extremely useful and important device which must be kept carefully and used cautiously. It usually has a neck belt provided with it which you can put around your neck so that the risk of dropping the camera can be reduced. Most DSLR and other cameras have changeable lenses these days. While changing the lens, it is important to sit somewhere so that the lens does not drop. However if you have dropped camera lens by any chance then it could also lead to damaging of the product. And as we all know, a lens is a pretty expensive photography equipment which is hard to repair or replace. But worry not, since we have brought you a list of the things to do after dropping your camera lens. It is given as follows:

1. Pick up the lens and give it a thorough check

  • The first thing that you need to do in case of a dropped camera lens is to pick the lens up and give it a very thorough check.
  • Find a place to sit and then examine the lens glass as well as all the other parts. Check for visible cracks, scratches or other kinds of damages.
  • Slight scratching on the plastic part of the lens may not have done much harm but if there are any visible cracks on the glass, then it could mean that the lens is damaged and may not be able to do its job properly.
  • Make sure you give the lens a slight cleaning using a dry cloth, preferably a microfiber one.
  • Use a brush to dust off any particles that may have attached themselves on the camera body due to dropping.
check your lens

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

2. Try the lens

  • The next thing that you need to do is to attach your lens on the camera main body. Lock it properly and then switch on the camera.
  • Try clicking photos and also recording videos using the lens. Try focusing it, zooming it and check some other functions as well.
  • Check if the lens is performing fine or not. View the results of clicked pictures and recorded videos.
  • If you notice the pictures to be hazy or blurred, then it could mean that the lens has experienced some kind of a damage. If not, then it may be working fine and the damage may only be external.
trying the dropped camera lens

Image Credits: techfruit.com

3. Damage depends on many factors

The damage to the lens in case it falls depends upon several factors including height of fall, impact of fall, method of fall and speed etc. Thus the consequences may vary and also the solutions. You can take your lens to the authorized company dealer to ask for repairs if possible. In some cases the damage is so much that repairs are not possible and the only solution you have is to replace it altogether.


broken lens

Image Credits:The Black and Blue

Now that you know the various things to do in case of dropped camera lens, you can try to find a solution on your own without much difficulty. Dropped camera lens can be a serious problem, one which may need professional help. If you are looking for a professional for any kind of appliance repair service, you can get in touch with Mr. Right.


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