The best racing games on PC and consoles

The recent Australian Grand Prix saw a record attendance for Formula 1. It is a clear indication that high-level motorsport is becoming more and more popular every year. But to join the wild speeds and experience a rush of adrenaline, it is not necessary to go to the track – the capabilities of modern PCs allow you to experience these emotions without leaving your home. We have compiled the best racing games on PC for you in 2023. Gas to the floor!

Below are the top racing games on PC. Games are not arranged according to the principle from best to worst or vice versa, but without reference to a specific place. Among these best PC racing games, there are projects from different years, but they all have one thing in common: they can still bring a lot of fun to the player. If you are more interested in gambling, then the possibility of ipl win download to your phone will definitely please you.

F1® 22

  • Developer: Codemasters
  • Release year: 2022

Formula 1 has an official, fully licensed video game where you can compete in the FIA Formula One World Championship 2022. Gamers can choose from drivers and teams shown on the actual starting grid. There is also a split-screen dual racing mode, and a career mode can be played online co-op.

WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship

  • Developer: KT Racing
  • Release year: 2021

If you prefer off-road dust on black asphalt, the WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship should appeal to you. You can choose three rallies – Kenya, Japan, and New Zealand – with more than 15 cars and 100 special stages. The racing simulator also has licensed drivers whose virtual career will depend entirely on your driving skills. For those who constantly strive to take the top lines in the online leaderboard, a convenient system of clubs is provided.

Dirt 4

  • Developer: Codemasters
  • Release year: 2017

In Dirt 4, you must plunge even more into dirty races on conditional off-road. The developers maintained the perfect balance between the simulation component and the arcade so that the game does not require you to calculate the entry angle into each turn using a slide rule, which brings a lot of fun. Notably, the game was removed from direct sale on Steam because the publisher Electronic Arts had expired licenses. But the keys can still be purchased from online stores and activated on the Valve site.

Flatout 2

  • Developer: Bugbear Entertainment
  • Released: 2006

Unlike the previous two rally races in Flatout 2, the developers decided not to bother with the elements of the simulator. The cars have the most arcade control model, but the degree of fun is twisted to the maximum. Damage to vehicles was reflected in how the car would behave on the road – at the time of release, and this feature became a breakthrough for the entire genre, which other studios subsequently adopted. And if you get tired of racing, you can pass the time in mini-games – for example, play bowling as a driver. Yes, yes, this is not a joke.


  • Developer: Bugbear
  • Release year: 2018

After the release of Flatout 2, the developers of the Bugbear studio moved away from the series but did not abandon the reckless races through the mud at breakneck speeds. Instead, they were seeing their dream game – the perfect project destined to get into all the tops of the best racing games on PC. And so Wreckfest appeared, in which all the groundwork of Flatout was masterfully honed and brought to a shine. At the moment, it is one of the most important and colorful games in the genre.

V-Rally 4

  • Developer: KT Racing
  • Release year: 2018

V-Rally is the oldest and most respected series among the best racing games on PC, starting in 1997. In the fourth edition, more than 50 cars are waiting for you: the most famous in the rally environment and models for extreme driving. V-Rally 4, according to the developers, contains all the latest achievements in the simulation of the physics of interaction with the outside world and the latest graphic developments from KT Engine. In general, physics is what you need here!

MX vs. ATV Legends

  • Developer: Rainbow Studios
  • Release year: 2022

The authors of MX vs. ATV Legends from Rainbow Studios have clearly shown what will happen if motorcycles, ATVs, and ATVs are added to the frenzy of cross-country racing. It will turn out a mess of dirt and adrenaline, which is incredibly interesting and fun to play, especially with friends, since there are several multiplayer modes. Remember the career mode, where you can unlock a whole bunch of new content.

Ride 3

  • Developer: Milestone S.r.l.
  • Release year: 2018

If you like motorcycles in the previous position of the best racing on PC, but don’t like off-road, then Ride 3 will probably appeal to you because this game has over 230 bikes to try on 30 different tracks worldwide. It is also possible to change the technical characteristics of your iron horse and customize its appearance.

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