How to protect your Audio-Video appliances during monsoon?

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We all love monsoon, right? Who doesn’t like the rains and the cool cloudy weather? While we might enjoy the monsoon season, our electrical appliances are never a fan of the moisture that comes with it. The humidity or moisture that lingers in our surroundings during this season can cause problems like damage to appliances or fatal electrical accidents. To protect your Audio-Video appliances during monsoon, you have to be prepared either in advance or take some necessary steps when the season starts. Here, we are going to discuss the problems and also some tips to help you protect your appliances during monsoon season. 

Top problems with Audio-Video electronics during monsoon

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Monsoon brings moisture or humidity with it, which can affect your electrical appliances in many ways if not taken care of properly. Before knowing how to protect your appliances, let us know about the problems that our Audio-Video appliances can face during monsoon.

  1. Inconsistent performance: Many electrical appliances start working erratically during monsoon due to faulty internal components of the appliances like diodes, capacitors, resistors, etc. When your appliances accumulate moisture or dust due to the increased humidity and any of these components get affected, the appliance starts malfunctioning. It either messes with your appliances’ performance or increases its downtime. 
  2. Patchy images on the LED/LCD: Excessive moisture in your surroundings due to the monsoon season can lead to damaged or dead displays and bad image quality. You can also notice some patches on the screen if the moisture reaches the display of your appliance. 
  3. Fungus or mold on appliance surface: Mold or fungus are an uninvited guest during the monsoon season and appear on any surface constantly in contact with humidity or moisture. But if fungus or mold starts building on any critical area of your appliances, it will affect their performance and can even cause permanent damage. 
  4. Corrosion of ports and terminals: The sockets and plugs of every appliance have some metal part in them, making them susceptible to corrosion in presence of high humidity. Corrosive ports and terminals will affect their contact with electricity, thus negatively affecting their and the appliances’ working. 
  5. Electrical leakages: If your electrical ports don’t have proper earthing/grounding or have corroded wires, it could lead to electricity leakage, especially during the monsoons. This electrical leakage can harm your appliances and you as well. Any water accumulation near or inside the wiring and appliances due to condensation of moisture can cause short-circuits or electric shocks, which can be fatal. 

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Tips to protect your Audio-Video appliances during monsoon

If you are not prepared in advance or if you fail to take the right measures at the right time, you may face huge and costly appliance damage during the amazing season of monsoon. Following are some tips to protect your Audio-Video appliances during monsoon to prevent you from any loss: 

  1. Use silica gel packs and dehumidifiers: The simplest thing to do to protect your appliances is to get rid of the excess humidity from your surroundings. One way to do that is by using dehumidifiers inside your home and placing some fresh silica gel packs near the ventilation areas of all your appliances.
  2. Prevent dust and moisture accumulation: Keeping everything inside your home dust-free is generally necessary but, it becomes more important during monsoon. Any dust or dirt that accumulates on your appliances or near their ports can attract moisture accumulation. You can keep your appliances inside dirt-resistant racks or keep the unused areas like outlets, ports, and cables covered all the time. Also, make sure to wipe down your appliances with a soft, clean, and dry cloth regularly to keep them clean. The use of wire protectors or covers also helps in keeping the wire clean and hidden from moisture.
  3. Ensure effective earthing/grounding: Whether it’s monsoon or not, proper earthing or grounding of your electronic appliances is compulsory to protect you and your electronics from any severe damage. The safety from electrical currents also helps in improving the performance of your appliances. 
  4. Use centralized HVAC and humidity sensors: The air conditioners help in maintaining a clean and moisture-free environment in your home. Make sure to always keep your important and expensive electrical appliances in the vicinity of air conditioners, dehumidifiers, etc., whatever you use to maintain humidity level. Also, remember to maintain a consistent temperature as a sudden change in temperature can lead to increased humidity and thus condensation, damaging your appliances. You can also install humidity sensors to make sure that you have the right level of humidity inside your home and protect your appliances. 
  5. Insurance over replacements always: Last but important thing to do is to have insurance on your critical electrical appliances because we all know that replacing them will be an expensive and time taking task. Get your appliances insured before the monsoon hits and also try to get an extended warranty on them or opt for an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract).

It is best to be prepared beforehand to protect your audio-video electronics/appliances from any damage during monsoon to keep them and yourself safe. But, in case, your TV or any other audio-video appliances are affected due to moisture, it is best to contact a technician and get it fixed at the earliest. Before contacting a TV technician, make sure that the problem you are facing is because of the TV.

You can get in touch with an expert from Mr. Right, get rid of your TV problems, and go back to enjoying your favorite shows.

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