“I dropped my camera and the lens is stuck”: Solutions

stuck lens
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If you are someone who is experiencing the problem of “I dropped my camera and the lens is stuck” then you must know that you are not alone. It is quite common for people to get their lens stuck after the camera falls or is dropped mistakenly.  Usually the lens is held to the camera through a click and lock system which is quite foolproof but when the camera falls, the lens doesn’t seem to get detached from the camera even on pressing the button given on the unit. This could create problems and you may have difficulty operating the device properly.   If you are facing something similar then the following given information would prove to be useful. So here goes:

1. Remove the dust and dirt

When your camera falls on the ground or any other surface, the lens tends to get stuck due to nothing but dirt and dust which fill up in between the tiny gaps and lens barrel sections! When dirt gets in between, the lens is unable to detach itself.

Thus a great way to detach the lens is to try removing the dust and dirt particles from the gaps. For this, you can either make use of a clean brush or a piece of paper. Slide the paper in between the gaps to detach the particles. You can also blow a little air in the gaps to dislodge the dust and dirt granules.

clean lens barrel to detach camera lens

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2. Try pushing the lens barrel

In the situation of a stuck lens, one thing that you can try is to push or pull the lens barrel very gently as the camera tries to retract or extend it.  As the lens extend, usually the middle section rotates and in this situation, you can try to help it slightly.  If this doesn’t help or the camera lens doesn’t extend, try to shake it up a little by knocking the front part of the device against your cupped hands as you turn it.

push the lens barrel

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3. Clean the lens barrel

If you have managed to get the lens away from the enclosure, the next step for you to follow is to clean the lens barrel.  It is a good idea to take a pencil and tap the lens barrel while you hold the camera face down.  This can help dislodge the dirt particles from the gaps.  You can also use a small sized handheld vacuum cleaner to get all the dust and dirt out.  Make sure you use a lower setting on the vacuum cleaner so that there is no further damage to your lens or camera.

cleaning lens barrel

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In case your camera lens is jammed with the body and you are unable to dislodge it following the above given methods and tricks, it is advisable to leave it alone and not try anything harsh. If your camera is under a warranty, then it is best to contact the manufacturer or service centre and have the camera inspected. Do not try any method that can bring damage to the camera or to the lens.


Getting your camera lens stuck to the camera body is quite a common problem but thankfully has a simple solution. In this case you must also always check the lens and the camera for any other damages besides the stuck lens. If you are unable to dislodge the lens from the camera on your own or are afraid you might damage something, then you can opt for professional support.  This can be availed by reaching out to a service provider like Mr. Right for appliance repair services.

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    My experience in a similar situation with a D200 and a Tokina 2.8/16-50 was a massively decentered lens that looked fine on the outside, so I would check this.

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