Hassle free car spa at your door step in Delhi-NCR

Car cleaning service in Delhi NCR

Since your car is a big investment after your home and other assets, it requires proper care. But how often does your car gets deep cleaned i.e. thorough wash, in-depth interior cleaning and systematic exterior detailing? Your car witnesses lot of actions everyday like wheels getting rolled into mud, coffee spilling on seats, hand rest getting stained, dirt and dust sliding under floor mat and what not. After all this your car deserves a car spa at your door step.

In every day car cleaning (which is usually done by a driver or domestic help) the car is simply washed from outside and its mats are dusted. But your car needs deep cleaning from time to time to restore its shine and to get rid of the mess and grime collected over time. The service stations, petrol pumps and private garages offer car cleaning services, but these services require one to drive-in their vehicle to the service station, which is a hassle.

But worry no more. Mr Right offers car spa at your door step. Now you don’t need to take the trouble of driving-in your car to service stations. Just book a case for car cleaning from our mobile app or website and give your much deserving car a nice spa.

Following services are available under car cleaning:

Complete car wash 

Complete car cleaning service

Complete car wash includes both interior detailing and exterior cleaning. From muddy wheels to steering wheel, every part of your car is thoroughly cleaned. This will make your car shine inside-out.

Exterior detailing

Car polishing machine

In exterior cleaning your car is pressure cleaned from outside. It is then shampoo washed to remove accumulated dirt and stubborn stains All window screens, mirrors, wind shields are washed thoroughly to remove dirt and marks. Wheels are washed properly. Car is also polished to restore its luster.

Interior detailing

Car interior cleaning

In car interior cleaning the seats and roof are dry cleaned. Car interior is vacuumed and parts like steering wheel are cleaned. Dash board is cleaned to remove dirt and polished to restore its shine. Doors are wiped and polished.

For a stress free car cleaning service in Delhi-NCR connect with Mr Right.

Afterall, your car is your style statement!

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