How to install and setup an automatic washing machine

Installing an automatic washing machine correctly will ensure longer life as well as won’t pest you with frequent maintenance requirements. So, let’s get to the details one by one.

Choosing the spot right spot for an automatic washing machine

Since, the washing machine takes the water supply and releases waste water automatically, placement is vital. The area should be level, should provide enough friction for stable operation, should have access to hot and cold water supply, drain pipe and a power outlet.

Leveling the machine

washing machine stand to maintain balance

Use the adjustable screws beneath the washing machine to adjust the height and make it horizontal. If the washing machine doesn’t have these screws, get a stand instead. Having the washing machine levelled makes sure it isn’t under extra pressure during operation and thus increase product life.

Connect the water supply pipe

washing machine water connection
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Attach the water inlet pipe to the tap. Connect the hot and cold water holes to their respective inlets. Make sure the connector is tightly in place so that it doesn’t come off due to water pressure. Use teflon tape to ensure a snug fit. Don’t turn ON the tap now though.

Attach the drain pipe

The drain pipe should be tightly fixed to ensure there’s no leakage. Put the other end of the pipe into a sink or a standpipe. Raise the drain pipe above to the level of water level in the machine.

Test the washing machine

Time for a test run. Load the machine with cloths and detergent, and observe if something goes wrong. If not, the installation is complete!

Installing automatic washing machines can be tricky sometimes though. If you’re still facing problems with vibrations or unstable operating cycles, it is recommended to take professional help. Book a case at Mr Right for automatic washing machine installation. We cover all major brands of washing machines.

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