8 important tips to take care of your washing machine!

Maintenance tips for washing machine

Who doesn’t want spotless clothes out of their washing machine. Like any other home appliance, washing machines make our life easier and hassle free.  It is important to understand that for high efficiency and long life of washing machine, regular care and maintenance is very crucial. Here we will discuss some simple tips on how to take care of your washing machine.

Useful tips to take care of your washing machine:

Daily maintenance

After you have washed the clothes, keep the door of the machine open to let the moisture and dampness dry out. If your machine is dry and moisture free then there will be no musty smell inside the tub. If you have washed very greasy and dirty load, make sure that your clean the machine walls and tub with a damp clothe to remove any slimy build up.

Watch out what you are washing

Do not wash your rubber mates and heavy carpets in washing machine. This would put pressure on the washing machine motor and cause internal damage.

Clean the interiors

Fortunately your machine can clean your clothes but unfortunately it cannot clean itself. So you have to take care of it. If your machine has a removable lint filter, detach it and remove the accumulated lint from your clothes and attach it back. Lint clogs the water pipes and also results in improper washing of clothes. If your clothes look old and have a layer of fluff on them, then please check the filter of your washing machine.

Remove the detergent build up, grease ( due to washing greasy clothes) and dirt from the tub, dispenser and water pipes. Just run the machine with water and 2 cups of lime juice or white vinegar on hottest wash but without clothes. Doing this once in 3 months would clean the interior of machine and outlet pipe from grease, hard water residue and other dirt build up.

Do not use excess detergent

People usually think that more detergent is needed get spotless clothes.It is very common habit  to use more detergent to wash clothes. We load the machine with dirty and greasy clothes and add heaps of detergent and hope that at the end we would get stain free clothes. But its not true. Always wash clothes in small loads with less detergent. Use of excess detergent would not only damage the clothes and also the water pipes and motor of the washing machine.

Understand washing machine settings

Most washing machines in India  today have 3 types of wash setting : Normal, Medium and strong. Go for normal wash for standard loads. If you are washing baby clothes or your delicate clothes go for gentle setting. Choose strong setting only when you  are washing really greasy loads. Its very important to use the right setting as per requirement to protect clothes as well as machine from damage.

Do not overload 

Too much clothes in one go is not a good idea. Overloading puts pressure on the  motor and results in over heating. Also a packed load will result in poor or no spinning at all. But if you still wish to wash heavy load, set the machine at heavy load wash option. This would use large amount of water and clothes will come out clean and spotless. But we would recommend that do not go for heavy loads as it requires more water and also puts puts pressure on machine motor.

Look for rust and remove it

Sometimes you see that the clothes coming out of your machine have reddish-orange spots. This can be due to rust. Look for the rusted spots in your tub or dispenser. These rust spots can be removed easily by adding two cups of lemon juice and running the machine for one wash cycle on hot water. But if this tip does not work for you, get the tub changed. It can also happen that the rust is in the water pipes. So the water you use for washing gets rust particles from the pipes. In that case get your pipes checked.

Take care of dryer

If you have a fully automatic machine than there will be an in built dryer. Remove the lint from the dryer after every cycle. The lint can clog the filter and restrict the air flow, which can lead to overheating of the dryer. This overheating can shrink your delicate clothes.

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