Mixer blade not rotating? Find the causes and solutions

mixer blade not working
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A mixer grinder or simply a mixer is an essential home appliance which you would find in almost all kitchens across the country. This device helps us on an everyday basis and it is difficult to imagine cooking without it.  However the appliance may show signs of problems and faults and one of them is mixer blade not rotating. Without this main function of the appliance, it becomes almost redundant. This is why it is important to resolve the problem. CAUSEThere could be several reasons for the blade not rotating and before you go on to solve the issue, you must know the exact reason. The following are some of the causes as well as solutions for mixer blade not rotating:

1. Damaged bearing

CAUSE: The most common cause of mixer blade not rotating is damaged bearing. What happens is that water as well as salty liquids tend to leak in through the mechanism of coupling and can thus reach into the bearings of the blades of your mixer.  This salty water tends to corrode the metallic bearings and can damage them to a point where the blade is unable to rotate. This practically makes your appliance useless.


  • In such a case, what you can do is that you can turn the mixer blades in the opposite direction manually a few times.
  • If this doesn’t help, then drop in a few drops of coconut or mustard oil on the coupling mechanism.  Put the jar upside down.
  • Now try to rotate the blades manually again and keep the jar aside for about 10 minutes.
  • Attach it to the motor unit and give it a test run again.
  • If it rotates without any problems or glitches, then the problem has been resolved.
  • If not, contact a professional for repair work.
repairing blades

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2. Broken motor coupler

CAUSE: Another possible reason for mixer blade not rotating could be broken motor coupler. The cause of this could be overloading, poor quality material of the coupler and also the appliance being used for a long period. 

SOLUTION: In this case, the solution is to get the motor coupler replaced.  You must call an authorised professional for this job.

mixer blades

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3. Damaged electric wire

CAUSE: If any of the wires within the appliance have become damaged, then this too could lead to mixer blade not rotating.

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SOLUTION: To solve this problem, it is to inspect the wires and see which one has gone faulty. If you are not sure how to do this, it is better to contact a professional. If the wire is damaged, then you can either get it replaced or in some cases, you may have to replace the mixer altogether.

mixer wires

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Now that you know the main causes of mixer blade not rotating, you can take the repair steps accordingly. It is true that this device doesn’t usually encounter such issues, but if it does, it is better to seek professional help which is available easily these days. You can reach out to Mr Right for mixer blade not rotating or juicer mixer grinding not working etc.

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