Tips to remove iron marks from clothes

removing iron marks from clothes
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It is a fact that ironed clothes not only look more elegant but also give you a feel good vibe. Afterall the crisp and ironed clothes make you look more proper than those that have wrinkles on them. This is the reason why steam or cloth irons are so popular and can be found in almost everyone’s homes. However there is one drawback of ironing your clothes yourself and that is the iron marks that are sometimes left on the clothes.  Well this could be either due to leaving the iron at the same spot for too long or forgetting to remove it if you get busy with something else. Whatever the reason might be, there are several ways and methods to remove iron marks from clothes and they are given as follows:

1. Take the action quickly

The first thing to remember when trying to remove iron marks from clothes is to act quickly. This means that as soon as you observe that there is a scorch mark or iron mark on your clothes, take the action immediately rather than waiting for the entire ironing to get over. This will help you achieve the best results, irrespective of the method of removal you use.  So take the fabric away from the iron as soon as possible to avoid the black mark from becoming dark or permanent.

removing marks quickly
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2. Rinse the cloth in warm water and rub with detergent

Give the clothing item a good rinse in slightly warm water.  This not only helps to absorb the detergent that you are going to use later but also enables you to wash any loose scorch particle from the fabric.  The next thing to do is to rub some laundry detergent into the mark using your fingers.  Now put the fabric or cloth in the washing machine and begin a normal wash or cycle.

Once you have finished washing the clothing item with detergent in the washing machine, the next thing you need to do is to hang it out in the sunlight to dry it.  The sun rays can help lighten the mark. However if the mark was too dark, then you need to understand that it may not get erased completely.

rinse cloth
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3. Use hydrogen peroxide

Besides the above given method, you can also use hydrogen peroxide on it. For this, take an old cloth and dampen it with hydrogen peroxide. Put this cloth over the scorch mark and then place a dry cloth over this old cloth.  Now iron the three layers of cloth using steam iron but on a medium setting.

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hydrogen peroxide
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4. Use home remedies

One of the home remedies that works for this problem is using lemon juice over the scorch mark. Put the cloth in a container of hot water and let it remain there for about 20 minutes.  You can also rinse the cloth with white vinegar for quick results.

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Well if you are uncomfortable ironing your clothes, then it is always better to use wash and iron professional services for which you can contact Mr Right.

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