Common mixer grinder problems and their repair

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A mixer grinder is one of the most useful kitchen appliances and also one which fulfils several purposes at once. Not only does it helps to grind solids and liquids but proves useful on an everyday basis. Thus when it starts showing certain faults or signs of damages, it can prove to be really limiting for us and hinders our work pace.  To solve mixer grinder related problems, you must know which are the most common ones. The following are the most common mixer grinder problems and their repair methods. For recommendations of best mixer grinders, you can take a look here.

1. Leaking mixer grinder

Leaking proves to be one of the most common mixer grinder problems. To correct it, you first need to check the blade assembly and ensure that it is tightly screwed onto the jar.  Another reason for a leaking mixer could be problem with the rubber gasket. You can replace it easily by purchasing it from a local hardware store.  Leaking can also result due to a crack in the jar and in this case you may need to replace the jar altogether.

Here are some Mixer Grinder Jar available online:-

  1. COOKWELL Multipurpose Mixer Grinder Jar with 4 Changeable Blades 
  2. SKY Mixer (Silver)
  3. POOJA ECOMMERCE Butterfly Jars for Butterfly Mixers (300 ml) 
  4. Jusal Bullet Jar Set of 2 (530 ML & 350 ML) 

2. Stuck buttons of the mixer grinder

Another one of the common mixer grinder problems is stuck buttons.  This usually happens when foods and liquids spill a little bit and enter the space in between the buttons.  To correct this issue, you must unplug the appliance and give it a nice thorough cleaning.  Some models have the option of removing the face of the buttons and in this case you can easily clean the button spaces to remove liquids and food particles.  Take an old toothbrush for a better cleaning.

3. Slow moving blades

Out of the many common mixer grinder problems, one is slow moving blades. This can prove irritating because in this case the foods and liquids take a long time to get mixed or churned.  In most of the cases, this problem is caused due to food particles clogging the blade assembly.  There is a very easy solution for this. You just have to disassemble the blade assembly and soak the parts in soapy water which is slightly warmed for another half an hour.  Scrub the parts properly and reassemble them all.  Try turning on the mixer grinder and press the ‘ON’ button to see whether the blades turn faster now.

For Home DIY we have some recommended tools you can get online:-

  1. Bosch Hand Tool Kit (Blue, 66 pieces) 
  2. BLACK+DECKER BMT126C Hand Tool Kit (126-Piece) for Home DIY and Professional use
  3. iBELL IBL TD13-100, 650W Professional Tool Kit Pack of 115 with 6 Months Warranty 
  4. Kag HK103 Home Hand Tool Kit 
blades of mixer grinder

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For availing the best use out of a mixer grinder, you must clean it on a regular basis and follow preventive maintenance tips and methods. Afterall it is one kitchen appliance upon which you are very dependent and if it goes bad, you may have to bear the brunt. Now that you know the common mixer grinder problems and their repair, you can easily mend one at home. But in case you are unsure of doing this all by yourself, you can always opt for professional services. Contact Mr Right for any kind of problems or when Juicer mixer grinder is not working.

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