How to sharpen mixer blades: Tips and ideas

mixer blades
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If you are someone who owns a mixer or a blender at home then you must know that after some time of usage of the appliance, it may not work as efficiently as it used to before. One possible reason for this could be less sharpened mixer blades. What happens is that with time and usage the blades may no longer remain as sharp as before and hence the functioning may get less polished.  But there are many ways through which you can sharpen mixer blades yourself. If you wish to learn a few of those, then the following given information would prove useful.

1. Step 1: pull the mixer from the base

The first thing you need to do is to unplug the appliance and pull the mixer jar away from the base. Make sure the device is completely free of electric current. Give it some time before pulling it and after switching the power off.

2. Step 2: wash the jar

The next thing that you need to do before sharpening the blades is to wash the jar properly. This will help you get rid of any debris, food particles or other things that may be present in it. This helps you during the sharpening process. To wash it, you can submerge it in a sink which is filled with warm and soapy water. Remove after some time and dry it completely.

3. Step 3: remove the blade

Once you are done washing, you must remove the blade from the base of the jar. To remove, twist the blades in the counter clockwise direction. Doing this will result in the blades coming freely off in your hands.  You must have the base, the ring or seal as well as the blade all separate from each other at this point of the process.

4. Step 4: wash the blade

Now the next step involved in sharpening the mixer blades is washing of the blades.  You can wash it in warm soapy water while being careful not to hurt yourself from the edges.  It is better to wear a pair of gloves to avoid accidents.

5. Step 5: sharpen the blade

Now to sharpen the blade, run one of edges along a sharpening stone in such a way that you keep with the angle which the blade was already sharpened or shape it. Make it a point to run the blade away from your body so as to avoid any accidents or risk of injury.  Once one edge is sharpened enough, move on to the other ones one by one.

mixer blades

Image Credits: Wikipedia

6. Step 6: reassemble the blender

Now that you are done sharpening the mixer blades, reassemble the entire system and give your mixer a trial run.  You will observe that the mixer now works properly.

Now that you know how to sharpen mixer blades, you can try this method at home and never face a problem with the appliance, however for any kind of mixer related help such as juicer mixer grinder not working, you can contact Mr Right services.

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