Top house painting fails and ways to correct them

house painting fails
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If you are painting your house walls on your own then there are certain fails that you may come across. Painting is definitely one thing that you can do on your own to quickly upgrade your home. But you need to be properly updated about the techniques of painting so that you don’t make the common mistakes and come up with good results.  The following are some of the top house painting fails and some ways to correct them.

1.Not having sufficient paint before the project begins

The first common painting fail is not having enough paint before beginning the project.  If you fall short of paint and cannot buy it that time, then the best way to correct this fail is to choose a contrasting color to paint the rest of the area.  You can also simply mix two paints and come up with a new color.

2.Dripping paint

Another one of the house painting fails is dripping paint.  The way to deal with this problem may vary according to the type of paint you are using. For example if you are using a water based paint then you can quickly wipe the dripping one.  In case of oil based paint, you need to let it dry first and then gently scrape off using a scraper.  Before touching up the wall again, you may need to sand it a little first.

dripping paint

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3.Streaking paint

One of the most common house painting fails is streaking paint.  Streaks are often left behind due to uneven painting or lack of paint.  The best way to resolve this problem is to wait for the walls to dry and then putting another coat. For the smoothest possible look, you can roll the paint in the shape of M or W.  In case the streaks are left behind due to amateur brushwork, then the solution for this is to first sand and then clean the surface before you apply putting the next coat.

streaking mistake

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4.Not liking the paint color you have applied

Another house painting fail is not liking the paint color after its application. Ofcourse the best solution for this is to repaint the wall, eventhough it may need both time and hardwork. You can also just soften the effect of the paint if you do not wish to repaint.

5.Mixing oil and water based paints

Mixing oil based paints and water based paints is another common house painting mistake that must be avoided. However if you have already made the mistake, then you can repaint the wall with the correct kind of paint.

Now that you know the top house painting fails and ways to correct them, you will be able to undo your mistakes easily. It is important to be aware of these things as they can help you get the desired results.

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    My sister is thinking about getting a house painter for her home. It might be helpful for her to know a little more about the process. She would love knowing that they can mix paints.

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